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Be A Gov logo on campusUniversity Identity and Branding

As part of our team at Austin Peay State University, you’re in a position to help bring our story to the world. And what a story it is. As you know, our mission is all about empowering students to be 21st-century leaders. And we do that by providing a learning experience founded upon quality and challenging academics, collaboration among unique individuals, innovating new ways to solve serious problems, approaching life with a global perspective and always coming together in spirit to celebrate who we are.

This guide is meant to provide some direction to employees and affiliated partners on how to effectively and consistently convey Austin Peay’s story through the appropriate use of messaging, design, photography and logo. Remember, no matter how extraordinary our story is, if we aren’t disciplined, focused and consistent with how we tell it, it’ll be hard to break through to our intended audiences. 

University Logos

Austin Peay’s logos and wordmarks were created in a number of ways to work with maximum effectiveness across a wide variety of purposes and applications. The specific execution and medium being used will help determine which version of the logo to use.

Full Logo Horizontal   Full Logo Vertical

Use this version of the logo when the space is horizontal or when its flush left alignment is the most appropriate for its application.


Use this version of the logo when the space is more vertical than horizontal or when its centered orientation is the most appropriate for its application.

Full Logo Horizontal - EPS

Full Logo Horizontal - PNG

Full Logo Horizontal Black - EPS

Full Logo Horizontal Black - PNG

Full Logo Horizontal Red - EPS

Full Logo Horizontal Red - PNG

Full Logo Horizontal White - EPS

Full Logo Horizontal White - PNG


Full Logo Vertical - EPS

Full Logo Vertical - PNG

Full Logo Vertical Black - EPS

Full Logo Vertical Black - PNG

Full Logo Vertical Red - EPS

Full Logo Vertical Red - PNG

Full Logo Vertical White - EPS

Full Logo Vertical White - PNG

Unit Identifiers

College of Business Unit Identifier
Example College of Business Full Horizontal Unit Identifier

Unit Identifiers are for situations requiring identification of a department, program or function. To access and download your Unit Identifier please open the link below and use the search bar in the top right corner to search for your area by name.



Access Unit Identifiers

If you do not see the Unit Identifier needed please email logoapproval@apsu.edu

To learn the proper uses and rules of the Unit Identifiers and to see examples please see the Brand Guide linked at the top of the page. 

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