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Crafting your Department or Program brochure

To better assist our campus community in promoting themselves, the Office of Public Relations and Marketing has created a template guide to providing copy and assets for your next print publication.

Research shows that the most influential information resource for prospective students is right here at apsu.edu. Since users now have a wealth of information at their fingertips through their mobile phones, the need for robust print publications has decreased. The primary goal of your print handout should be to drive traffic to your web page. In other words, we don’t have to include every detail about your initiative in print -- only the most important points to entice them to learn more online.

In prioritizing your content, we recommend focusing on answering the following questions: 

Including one or more student storytelling profiles is also recommended to allow prospective students to hear a unique experience from someone in their peer group. These can be as simple as a student portrait with related quote, and the OPRM team is happy to help gather and produce this content. 

Please download the following file to better visualize how the content is used and use them as examples to help guide your own copy:

Blank brochure template

Other resources to consider before you initiate your publication is graphic design help. Once you have crafted copy using the template as a guide, you can send your publication copy, photos and quotes to APSU Govs Print to develop your branded publication. 

Have budget constraints or in a time crunch? Consider a budget-friendly and cost-effective postcard. It meets the same goals as the brochure—leading prospective students to your website.