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Digital Sign Protocol

With the recent installation of the new digital sign on College Street, Public Relations and Marketing is now managing the postings for that sign for the university in coordination with the company that installed it. We have compiled a protocol to manage this efficiently for the university and the vendor. Please use this protocol to submit information to post on this sign.


Posting cycles and due dates

Posting cycles for the digital sign will begin on the first day of each month. Art will be submitted monthly. Sign requests will be due three working weeks before the end of each month. Only on-time requests will be considered.


Designs are to be submitted through the communication directors of each college or division, or the VP’s designee, to the PR & Marketing staff by emailing Hannah Eden and Bill Persinger.

Design Specifications

Digital Creative Spec Sheet


Content will be prioritized on recruitment and event attendance, targeting the general public to engage them with the university.

Final approvals

Final layouts must be completed and approved at least three working days before the end of the month to allow sufficient time for the managing company to schedule the posting. To ensure brand consistency, Public Relations and Marketing staff will provide layout services if needed by the division. It is the responsibility of the department submitting the request to ensure all content is accurate. Designated staff in PR and Marketing have the final say on sign content and layout.  

Event cancellations and changes

If a change in an event schedule is pending or happens, please let Public Relations and Marketing know as soon as possible so that updates can be deployed as needed.