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Admissions: Master of Speech-Language Pathology

Applicants must complete the APSU College of Graduate Studies Application online.

To be eligible for consideration for admission to the APSU MSLP Program, all applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university OR are in the process of completing foundational coursework in communication sciences and disorders leading to a bachelor’s degree that will be awarded prior to matriculation.  If an applicant does not have an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders preparatory courses must be completed prior to matriculation.

Admission to the MSLP Program occurs once per year. Students progress through the program with a cohort. The cohort model emphasizes collaboration and community as a basis for professional development. Each cohort is comprised of 20 students.

Admission is competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission decisions are not subject to appeal. Applications from one year are not held over to another year. Students accepted into the APSU MSLP program may not defer their start date.

It Starts With Us:

Meet the faculty and learn more about our graduate program, and ask your questions about our admissions process.

Informational Meetings

Date 1: August 9, 2021 at 3:00pm CST Thank you for attending!

Date 2: December 10, 2021 at noon CST

To register for one of the informational meetings, please complete our inquiry form.

It is our desire to support students as they navigate the application process. The admissions committee seek to admit students who are prepared to meet the rigors of the academic and clinical elements of the program. Applicants are encouraged to consider that each encounter with program faculty is an opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism and critical thinking skills.

Admission Requirements for the Master of Speech-Language Pathology Program

Admission to the Master of Speech-Language Pathology (MSLP) program is highly competitive. Meeting the minimum thresholds below does not guarantee admission. Admission decisions are based on a composite of information about the applicant, not merely one factor.

*Applicants whose undergraduate degree is not in Communication Sciences and Disorders will be reviewed to determine which prerequisite coursework has been completed (content associated with CFCC Standards IV-A and IV-B). Courses in which the student earned a C or better will fulfill this requirement.

Additional Information to Consider:

Professional communication skills and dispositions during the admissions process, and any and all communications and interactions with the faculty before and during admission, are considered part of the admission process and may be taken into account during admission deliberations. Admission may be denied to applicants who communicate or act in a manner that may be considered inappropriate or unprofessional regardless of academic standing.