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Amy L. Thompson, Professor and Department Chair
Pharmacology, Cell & Molecular Biology

Kyle Benowitz, Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Genomics, Complex Traits, Insect Social Behavior            

Mollie F. Cashner, Associate Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator
Animal Behavior, Genetics 

Don C. Dailey, Professor 
Molecular Basis of Microbial Pathogenesis

L. Dwayne Estes, Professor and Curator of Herbarium
Plant Systematics

C.M. Gienger, Professor and Curator of the Herpetology Collection
Ecology and Physiology of amphibians and reptiles

Manisha Gupte, Assistant Professor

Catherine Haase, Assistant Professor
Animal Energetics, Thermal Biology, Environmental Physiology

Rebecca Blanton Johansen, Professor and Curator of the Ichthyology Collection
Fish Systematics, Phylogeography, and Population Genetics

Jefferson G. Lebkuecher, Professor
Algal Ecology, Plant physiology

Sergei A. Markov, Professor
Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biological H2 Production

Gilbert R. Pitts, Professor
Physiology, Endocrinology

Sarah Perry, Assistant Professor
Cellular & Molecular Biology

D. Michelle Rogers, Instructor
State Coordinator Project WET

Cindy L. Taylor, Professor
Amphibian Biology

Colleen White, Master Instructor, APSU @ FCC Lab Manager & Administrator
Introduction to Biology, General Biology

Stefan Woltmann, Professor
Avian Ecology, Conservation Genetics 


Adjunct Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

  • Carol J. Baskuf, Plant Ecology, Population Genetics

  • Daniel W. Bath, Genetics

  • Edward W. Chester, Plant Taxonomy & Plant Ecology

  • John L. Butler, Aquatic Ecology

  • Willodean D. Burton, Ecology, aquatic toxicology

  • Mack T. Finley, Aquatic Toxicology

  • Steven Hamilton, Entomology, insect systematics, aquatic biology

  • Sarah Lundin-Schiller, Cell Biology, Endocrine Disruption

  • Joseph R. Schiller, Aquatic ecology & field biology

  • A. Floyd Scott, Herpetology and Ecology

  • Benjamin P. Stone, Plant Physiology

  • James F. Thompson, Evolutionary Biology