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Stefan Woltmann

Stefan Woltmann

Associate Professor


Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University, 2010
M.S. in Biology, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2000
B.A. in Environmental Science, S.U.N.Y., College at Purchase, NY, 1993
Dr. Woltmann is an Associate Professor of Biology and PI in the Center of Excellence for Field Biology. His research interests include avian ecology and dispersal, conservation genetics and biology, neotropical bird ecology, and bird migration and mating systems. He received his Ph.D. from Tulane University and M.S. from University of Southern Mississippi.
Avian Ecology, Avian Dispersal, Conservation Genetics, Avian Mating Systems, Conservation Biology, Neotropical Bird Ecology, Bird Migration
Roeder, M.R., C.E Hill, C.S. Elphick, M. Conway, A.R. Kocek, A. Tegeler, and S. Woltmann. 2021. Genetic data disagree with described subspecies ranges for Seaside Sparrows (Ammospiza maritima) on the Atlantic coast. Ornithological Applications 25: 10.1093/ornithapp/duab011.
Davis, K.E.C., A.E. Settlecowski, M.R. Roeder, C. Enloe, T. Virzi, M.E. Hunter, S. Woltmann, and S.S. Taylor. In Press. Range-wide population genetic analysis of Seaside Sparrows (Ammospiza maritima) supports at least 6 distinct population segments that do not align with current subspecies descriptions. Ornithological Applications.
Settlecowski, A.E., K.E.C. Davis, J.A. Cox, S. Woltmann, and S.S. Taylor. Accepted with revisions. Natural history and community science records confirm rapid geographic shifts in the distribution of an eastern North America grassland bird since the late-1800s. Avian Conservation and Ecology.
Enloe, C., A. Cox, A. Pandey, A. Taylor, S. Woltmann, and R.T. Kimball. In review. Genome-wide assessment of population structure in Floridaâ??s coastal seaside sparrows. Conservation Genetics.
Woltmann, S., M. Roeder, A. Xiong, C. Hill, and M.H. Conway. 2019. Additional notes on Texas Seaside Sparrows (Ammospiza maritima sennetti): an update to Griscom 1948. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 131:750-757.