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Mollie F. Cashner

Mollie Cashner

Associate Professor



Ph.D. Tulane University (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), 2010

M.S. University of Southern Mississippi (Biology), 2001

B.S. Hanover College (Biology), 1997

Animal Behavior, Genetics

Evolution of reproductive behavior in fishes, population genetics and phylogenetics, reproductive ecology

Woltmann, S., P.C. Stouffer, C.M.B. Burns, M.S. Woodrey, M.F. Cashner, and S.S. Taylor. 2014. Population genetics of Seaside Sparrow (Ammodramus maritimus) subspecies along the Gulf of Mexico. PLOS ONE 9:e112739.

Cashner, M.F., K.R. Piller, and H.L. Bart. 2011. Phylogenetic relationships of the North American cyprinid subgenus Hydrophlox. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 59:725-735.

Cashner, M. F. and H. L. Bart, Jr. 2010. Reproductive ecology of nest associates: use of RFLPs to identify cyprinid eggs. Copeia 2010 (4): 554-557.

Cashner, M.F. 2004. Are spotted bass ( Micropterus punctulatus ) attracted to Schreckstoff? A test of the predator attraction hypothesis. Copeia 2004(3):592-598.