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Bookstore Debit Program

Dates of availability can be found in the important Bursar dates.

In order to qualify to use your financial aid refund for the APSU Bookstore Debit Program:

  • You must have a credit on your student account.
  • You must have confirmed your classes.
  • You must have completed and authorized Title IV. This form is needed one time only.
    • Log into AP OneStop.
    • Select the "Web Self Service" tab.
    • Select the "Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs" tab.
    • Choose the "Eligibility" option.
    • If prompted choose the Aid Year.
    • Under the "Student Requirements" tab click on the "Complete Title IV Authorization Form" link under "Unsatisfied Requirements".
      • This requirement will be under "Satisfied Requirements" if already completed. If you would like to change your response to the Title IV Authorization, then click the "Complete Title IV Authorization Form" link and complete these steps again.
    • Choose from the following two options and then click "Continue"
      • "I authorize APSU to credit all Title IV funds to my student account to pay current educational and non-educational charges (i.e., parking tickets, Health Services, Bookstore, etc.) as well as prior term charges within the same academic year. I understand this authorization will remain valid while enrolled at APSU, and I may cancel this authorization, in writing, at any time."
        • This option will allow you to pay a previous terms balance with a current term refund as well as use your refund to charge in the bookstore.
      • "I do not authorize APSU to credit Title IV funds to pay current non-educational charges as well as prior term charges. I understand I will be responsible for all charges due to APSU."
    • You will receive a confirmation of your choice. Choose the "Back to Student Requirements" button to return to "Student Requirement" with either "Approved Title IV Auth" or "Denied" depending on your choice.