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Peer Tutoring

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We provide APSU students with FREE one-to-one tutoring support for undergraduate courses. Tutoring is available for most core courses and some upper-division courses. 

You can schedule an appointment by calling 931-221-6550 or emailing learningctr@apsu.edu

Supported Courses 

The Learning Resource Center most commonly provides tutoring for these courses. Don't see the class you are looking for? Contact us with the above information and we will do our best to assist you! 

Hours and Locations 

The Marks Building Room 124 



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Monday  8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tuesday  8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Wednesday  8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Thursday  8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Friday  8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday   Closed  
Sunday   Closed   

Felix G. Woodward Library, Main Floor


The Writing Center, which falls under the Department of Languages and Literature, offers all APSU students assistance with writing, reviewing, and editing writing for any subject, in any writing style.


Writing Center Website


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Online Tutoring

The Learning Resource Center partnered with Distance Education to provide online tutoring through Tutor.com. Online tutoring is available 24/7 for many APSU courses. Students access online tutoring through the "resources" tab in D2L by clicking Tutor.com 24/7. Tutor.com does not provide writing tutoring. For more information about Online Tutoring at Austin Peay, please check out their webpage at https://www.apsu.edu/online/technology/onlinetutoring.php.

For online writing support, contact the Writing Center.

New courses have been added to the list of courses that are supported by online tutoring and more information can be found at APSU Courses Supported by Online Tutoring.


Tutee Policies and Procedures

Current APSU and Middle College undergraduate students can receive free tutoring from the Learning Resource Center for courses they are enrolled in.

All tutoring appointments are individual, one-on-one sessions. We do not offer group appointments unless approved by the Tutor Coordinator.

  • Arrive on time for tutoring sessions.
  • Bring sample problems, textbook, notes, calculator, syllabus, access to D2L, etc.
  • Have specific questions for the tutor.
  • Be responsible for your learning: seek help throughout the course not just the week before the exam.
  • Do not bring your homework and expect the tutor to give you answers
  • Attend classes and write down questions/concepts you do not understand so you can receive help when you visit the LRC.
  • Attempt the work before seeking help.
  • To schedule an appointment, you can schedule an appointment by calling 931-221-6550, emailing learningctr@apsu.edu, or visiting the Marks Building, room 124.
  • Students may schedule an in-person appointment or an online Zoom appointment.
  • Tutoring sessions can be scheduled for one hour or 30-minute appointments.
  • Students may schedule up to five appointments per week.
  • Students are expected to come prepared and on time for the tutoring session with a textbook, syllabus, notes, and any other necessary materials.
  • Tutors are not permitted to complete quizzes or tests with or for students. Tutors can assist students with questions they have about homework or online assignments.
  • Students who need to cancel a scheduled tutoring appointment should do so at least 24 hours in advance. If a student cancels an appointment on the day of the appointment, the appointment will be marked as a no show.
    • A no show can be removed if the result of an emergency circumstance (e.g., death in the family, a student’s serious injury or incapacitating illness)
  • The Learning Resource Center does not tolerate lateness. If you are more than ten minutes late for a tutoring session, you will be marked as a no show for that appointment, and the tutor you were scheduled to work with will move on to another task.
  • If a student receives two no show appointments in one semester, the student’s account will be disabled. The student will need to speak with the LRC Director or Tutor Coordinator to get the account reactivated.
  • To cancel an appointment, you can call 931-221-6550, email learningctr@apsu.edu, or visit the Marks Building, room 124 to speak with a lab attendant.
  • The Learning Resource Center is a distraction free environment.
    • Cell phones should be silenced and kept away during tutoring sessions.
    • Food is not permitted.
    • Be mindful of how loudly you speak.
    • Please do not bring any guests with you to your appointment.
    • Please use language and exhibit behavior that is appropriate for a public academic, educational space.
    • During your session, be engaged in the process and be respectful of your peers and all LRC employees.
  • If you are belligerent, uncooperative, or disrespectful of the LRC employees, you will be referred to the Tutor Coordinator. We reserve the right to end tutoring sessions early and refuse service; we will not tolerate any harassment or inappropriate behavior. Students who are dismissed from their tutoring sessions early may have their account disabled.
  • Please respect the privacy of our tutors and do not contact them directly outside of your tutoring sessions.
  • For online tutoring, if a student is found sharing a video or screen shot of an online appointment via any electronic means, they will be asked to remove the video, and their account will be disabled.
  • For online tutoring, students must be appropriate in the language, dress, and content of their online sessions. If a tutor is made to feel uncomfortable during a session, they will have the right to turn off the video, terminate the session, and/or report the tutee. Depending on the severity of the offense, students may have their account disabled.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above or related matters, contact the Learning Resource Center by calling 931-221-6550 or emailed learningctr@apsu.edu.