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Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Graduate Certificate

The Department of Leadership and Organizational Administration offers a 9-hour graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. 

This nine-hour certificate program explores negotiation theory as well as strategies and styles within an employment context, and equips the individual to become a more effective leader in the role of negotiator and conflict resolver.  

This certificate can be earned by taking just one course at a time for three eight-week terms.  All courses in this certificate program can fully articulate into the Strategic Leadership concentration for the Master of Professional Studies. 

Students will take one core course in Conflict Management and Negotiation and two elective courses, as outlined below:

Core course (3 hours):

LDSP 5700 Conflict Management and Negotiation

Choose two electives (6 hours):

LDSP 5050 Professional Environment: Issues and Ethics

LDSP 5060 Communication Skills for Organizational Administration

LDSP 5130 Leadership Judgment and Decision Making

LDSP 5140 Influence and Persuasion

LDSP 5150 Power, Ethics, and Leadership

LDSP 5200 Organizational Culture, Politics and Change

LDSP 5300 Survey of Best Practices in Leadership

LDSP 5350 Diversity in the Workplace

LDSP 5560 Small Group Leadership

Interested in applying to this program? View the criteria for admission to this program in APSU's Graduate Bulletin.  To apply for admission, click here

To learn more about this program, contact our Graduate Coordinator:
Dr. Kathryn Woods, Associate Professor for Leadership & Organizational Administration