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Grant Writing Graduate Certificate

The Department of Leadership and Organizational Administration offers a 12-hour graduate certificate in Grant Writing.

This online program is designed for professionals who have already earned a Bachelor's degree and would like to earn a graduate credential while building skills in grant writing. The twelve-hour graduate certificate can be earned in as little as two eight-week terms.  Completion of this certificate will allow students to transition directly into the Master of Science in Leadership (MSL), if desired.  The certificate classes will count as four of the ten courses required for the MSL degree.

Students will complete this 12-hour program by taking four online courses, including two core courses in grant writing and two elective courses, as outlined below:

Core courses (6 hours):

LDSP 5400 Grant Development

LDSP 5410 Grant Administration

Choose two electives (6 hours):

LDSP 5050 Issues & Ethics in the Professional Environment

LDSP 5060 Communication Skills for Organizational Administration

LDSP 5105 Project Planning and Scheduling

LDSP 5210 Globalization

LDSP 5330 Research Methods

LDSP 5350 Diversity in the Workplace

Upon completion of the Grant Writing Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Understand the elements of a grant proposal
  • Research opportunities for potential grant funding for projects relevant to the student’s personal or professional goals
  • Communicate effectively with grant funding agencies and foundations
  • Critically analyze grant proposals
  • Create a professional, competitive grant proposal
  • Properly manage grant funds, grant project timelines, and the grant closeout process

Interested in applying to this program? View the criteria for admission to graduate programs offered by the Department of Leadership & Organizational Administration in APSU's Graduate Bulletin.  To apply for admission, click here

To learn more about this program, contact our Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Kathryn Woods, Associate Professor for Leadership and Organizational Administration

Email: woodsk@apsu.edu