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Performance Coaching Conversations for Staff

Austin Peay State University is implementing a new performance management tool beginning with the Performance reviews for 2023, that will replace the annual PeopleAdmin performance evaluation form and ratings. The elimination of the annual performance evaluation form is intended to foster a more coaching mentality at APSU. It is meant for employees and their supervisors to engage in more meaningful conversation surrounding their performance, learning and development and career aspirations.

APSU’s new performance conversations will focus on five areas:

  • Employee Appreciation

  • Constructive Coaching

  • Institutional Culture and Values

  • Learning and Development

  • Listening and Employee Feedback

By focusing on these five areas through frequent conversations (check-ins) between supervisors and their team members, performance coaching conversations can lead to increased performance, employee career fulfillment, and an overall better employee experience.

This new performance coaching and conversation tool is about managing performance as well as empowering APSU employees to take the lead in managing all aspects of their career at APSU.

Performance Coaching Conversations will occur bi-annually during the months of July and January between employees and their supervisors. The conversations are intended for

  • Employees to drive their own learning and development plan, in concert with their supervisor;

  • Employees to work with their supervisor on their mutually agreed upon goals for the six-months and beyond;

  • Supervisors to listen to an employee’s perspective on how things are going and provide feedback to the employee, and

  • Supervisors to coach and encourage open and honest conversations.

For Supervisors

As a supervisor, you have key responsibilities when it comes to the bi-annual conversations. Meeting each of your direct reports at least twice annually is a critical component. Your employees will initiate this process by completing a pre-conversation worksheet.  If regularly scheduled meetings with your direct reports are already in place, you may use one of these meetings for the required bi-annual conversation. The goal of the Coaching Conversations is to empower employees to build positive relationships with their supervisors.

Evaluation Schedule

It is the responsibility of each supervisor to review the performance of each employee that the supervisor manages through coaching conversations two (2) times per fiscal year and to keep the second level supervisor (the person who manages/supervises the supervisor) and HR apprised of the status of the reviews. 

  • The coaching conversations must take place semi-annually—once between January 1 and January 31 and once between July 1 and July 31.  

  • Each coaching conversation will cover the employee’s performance since the date of the last coaching conversation with the employee 



Step 1. HR will send out email to the campus kicking off the process. This email will contain the Pre Performance Conversation Worksheet for Employees. This worksheet allows employees to come to the conversation prepared for the discussion.

Step 2. The supervisor meets with the employee and completes the Performance Coaching Conversation form (available starting 1/19/2024). Once submitted a copy of this form is routed to the supervisor, employee, and HR.

Step 3. The employee has 10 days to provide comments on the conversation to HR. This is optional.

Probationary Performance Period

Newly appointed employees are placed on a probationary period of six (6) months. During this period, employment agreements may be terminated without prior notice.  The Office of Human Resources will contact managers/supervisors during the probationary period regarding new employee performance. Employees will participate in any coaching conversation that occurs during their probationary period. If the new employee has not successfully met performance standards, the Office of Human Resources will provide additional guidance and information on available options.