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Proposal Cycle

We respectfully request at least 7 days to process an application, especially during heavy deadlines. 

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  • Use any of the public or our subscription-based databases located on the Find Funding page to fund funding agencies that are closely matched with your concept and project. Make sure Austin Peay and the PI are eligible to apply for the funding. 
  • Start the process with the Notify ORSP Form! ORSP services become fully engaged in the process by simply submitting the form.
  • If you still need help preparing the proposal in some way, but you are not yet ready to route and submit, please request a grant consult here. 
  • Most grant writers choose to do this part on their own, but we are are here to help you with budgeting, proposal preparation, and sometimes some light editing and writing if needed through the grant consult services link. At this stage, we need a draft of the following:
    • Proposed budget (Or ask for help!) You might consider this budget tool to plan the salary section of your grant: ORSP Budget Tool
    • Other and pending support 
    • Abstract
  • Submit the final, completed proposal (including budget, budget narrative, abstract, and all additional materials) to ORSP within seven business days of the due date. Please note: submittal of materials after this deadline may not guarantee approval for submission. We appreciate your cooperation! Most of the time we need about a week to make sure the appropriate administrators understand the monetary, human, and policy resource requirements to accomodate a new grant.
  • ORSP will initiate the routing process and will work directly with the principal investigator to ensure the accuracy of the Notify ORSP Form that you submitted in Step 3. This form ensures that the APSU administration has been made aware of, and endorses, the formal request for external funding.
  • Routing generally takes three days for approval. After a project is routed, no significant changes should be made occur within the budget or narrative. The principal investigator will be notified of final status of their approval process. ORSP will submit approved projects in a timely manner. Verification of submission will be provided to all grantees.
  • If you receive an award notice, send it to us. We know just what to do! 
  • Don't sign any legal agreements without routing through ORSP first. We will work with legal counsel to determine APSU's ability as an arm of the state of Tennessee to agree to the terms and conditions of an award. 
  • See the Post-Award Cycle