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Internal Research Grants (RSG)

In an effort to encourage and support the research, scholarly, and creative endeavors of faculty, Austin Peay State University (APSU), through the Research Council (RC) and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), offers Research & Scholarly Support Grants (RSG) to aid in the creation of scholarly and creative works in all disciplines. Funds are commonly provided to assist in the initiation of new projects and, in all disciplines for which securing funds from other sources is particularly difficult. For projects in disciplines where external support is available, the Council gives special consideration to projects that will result in applications for external support. The ORSP maintains current information on sources of external funding and will assist faculty members seeking outside grant support.

  1. Faculty are limited to three RSGs in any five-year period.
  2. Faculty are also limited to no more than one active RSG at a time, as the primary grant applicant, but can be involved in multiple RSGs in a co-applicant role.
  3. The University expects the applicant to remain a University employee for a minimum of one-year following completion of a funded project, or funds will have to be reimbursed from another University account.
  4. Proof of product/deliverable must be provided prior to applying for additional funding.
Late September
Early October 
Funding will run from October through June of the next year with no rollover
  1. Applicants should keep in mind that members of the RC represent a variety of disciplines from across campus. Therefore, applicants should write their proposals without excessive jargon and in a style that is clear to reviewers who are not experts in the specified area.
  2. Every application must include the required cover page. This is a separate fillable PDF.
  3. Please use the major organizational headings below, in the order given. Include all of the information that is requested under these headings.
  4. Include the applicant’s name as a header in the upper right-hand corner of each page of the documents.
  5. All applications must use a 12-point or larger font or 15 characters or less per inch, and be single-spaced with 1-inch margins. 
  6. All files are required to include the principal investigator’s last name as the first word in the file name. For example, instead of CV.docx, use DoeCV.docx.
  7. Any applications that do not follow the formatting instructions, will be returned to the applicant without review