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Students playing a card game.

Full Spectrum Learning

Are you ready to succeed in college? This program is designed to meet the unique needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are student-driven, research-based, and results-oriented. FSL staff work with students to develop the skills necessary to thrive academically, socially, and professionally.

What is Full Spectrum Learning?

The Full Spectrum Learning (FSL) program, based in the Eriksson College of Education, is tailored to the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), offering class cohorts with other participants, peer and faculty mentors, tutors, study hours and support meetings with FSL staff.

Our Mission 

Full Spectrum Learning is committed to helping students with Autism Spectrum Disorder embrace lifelong learning so that they can complete their college degree, transition into the workforce, and lead a successful life. By using a student-driven, research-based, and results-oriented method to drive decision-making, we strive to meet the academic, social and independence needs of all participants. We see the potential in all of our students, and it is our ambition to increase recruitment, retention and engagement as well as to nurture a culture of awareness and acceptance at Austin Peay State University. 

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

At Austin Peay State University, we provide support for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and see the potential they have for independence and a successful life. Full Spectrum Learning's primary purpose is to increase the success of students with ASD in the areas of academics, engagement and retention at APSU. We achieve this purpose by offering multiple services, which focus on independence, academics and social skills. We want to help you achieve your dreams by supporting you each step of the way. Start your application

What Students Say About FSL

“FSL provided me an environment in which I could honestly explain any problem and formulate strategies to rectify, thus aiding my success. ” Rhys, FSL Alumnus
“I feel free. These are my people. It’s the one space where I can actually just be my most natural self and not feel weird about it.” Dolly, FSL Sophomore
“You make friends that can last forever. There's lots of fun activities and socializing.” Ronald, FSL Junior