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Training Opportunities

The APSU Institutional Culture Committee supports training opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to promote an inclusive environment at Austin Peay.

Safe Zone Training

The Safe Zone Training Program is an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn how to effectively be an ally and support system for students who identify as LGBTQ.  The program is a total of 5 hours that will help you be an advocate, collaborator, and educator and provide foundational knowledge of LGBTQ identities. This training is voluntary and is offered upon request. For information about Safe Zone Trainings, please contact moorez@apsu.edu.

Green Zone Training

Please visit the Newton Military Family Resource Center webpage for information concerning Green Zone Training:

Contact Jasmin Linares, linaresj@apsu.edu for more information.

Diversity Training, Sessions, & Workshops

Register for online diversity awareness training here. This is open to all faculty and staff seeking to enhance their dispositional affect and professional skill set in working with diverse populations.

The Office of Institutional Culture offers a variety of trainings, informative sessions, and workshops geared at specific topics of discussion.  For information please contact LaNeeça Williams, Williamslr@apsu.edu.

The Office of Human Resources offers regular training opportunities for APSU faculty and staff members. For more information, please visit the Live-Grow-Learn webpage at: https://apsu.edu/human-resources/lgl/index.php