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2016-2021 Strategic Plan: Diversity


 “It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to model and promote diversity at all levels and in all sectors of the University.  By modeling and promoting diversity and inclusion, Austin Peay State University will foster environments of equity and inclusive excellence.”

Diversity can be broadly defined as differences. When applied within the context of education and the educational community, diversity represents the inclusion and support of groups of people with a variety of human characteristics that go beyond the legally protected classes of race, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability status, veteran status – to include, but not be limited to, other categories such as socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, first generation college status, urban or rural upbringing – and other personal characteristics that shape an individual’s identity and life experience in a substantive way.

 As noted in the University’s Strategic Plan 2015- 2025

 Strategic Goal 4:  Diversity

Diversity, an embedded piece of our mission and vision, will gain renewed focus in the Strategic Plan as the institution seeks to build a climate of inclusion that will facilitate access and foster enrollment growth, and student success.  

Goal Priority 4.1 – Recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse student population.

  Objective 4.1.1- Increase the numbers of identified underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students by 5% that are recruited and enrolled at APSU.

Objective 4.1.2- Increase the numbers of identified underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students by 5% that are retained at APSU.

Objective 4.1.3- Increase the graduation rate of identified underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students.


1 – Evaluate and analyze baseline demographic information for underrepresented students in order to determine future benchmarks and assess progress related to enrollment, progression, and graduation. 

2 – Conduct and review research regarding campus climate and perceptions related to diversity and inclusion in order to incorporate findings into future objectives for this goal priority every year. 

3 – Increase the participation by 5% of underrepresented students in high impact practices such as internships, study abroad, service-learning, undergraduate research, etc. 

4 – Develop recruitment strategies targeting underrepresented high school students through outreach and summer programs








Black/African American








Two or more races




Total Minority Enrollment






Goal Priority 4.2 – Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff.                      

Objective 4.2.1 – Recruit and retain diverse faculty (adjunct, part-time, full-time) from identified underrepresented groups that mirror student population.

Objective 4.2.2 – Recruit and retain staff from underrepresented groups that mirror student population.

Objective 4.2.3 – Recruit and retain administrators from underrepresented groups.


1 - Evaluate and analyze baseline demographic information for underrepresented faculty and staff in order to determine future benchmarks and assess progress related to hiring and promotion. In order to incorporate findings into future objectives for this goal priority, it is important that units work in collaboration with each other, i.e. Human Resources, Chief Diversity Officer, etc. 

2 - Develop and Implement a diversity component as part of the performance evaluation process through focused diversity education and professional development training opportunities. Additionally, department will develop mentorship initiatives that will help with the retention of faculty and staff through their probationary status.

3 - Develop and maintain a plan to ensure position announcements are advertised in publications targeted to reach underrepresented populations.



Goal Priority 4.3 – Foster a campus community of inclusivity and diversity.

Objective 4.3.1 – Reorganize University standing committees to ensure inclusivity.

Objective 4.3.2 – Develop faculty and staff evaluation instruments that address the University’s commitment to diversity.

Objective 4.3.3 – Create diversity programing and training for faculty, staff, and students.

Objective 4.3.4- Develop and strengthen community partnerships locally, regionally, and nationally.


1 - Develop a plan to increase cultural awareness and knowledge by engaging faculty, staff, and students through communication that is intentional and consistent in regards to diverse perspectives.  

2 - Increase frequency of culturally diverse events by 5% annually through ongoing educational programs and training for faculty, staff, and students. 

3 - Develop and Implement a diversity content in all orientation programs for new students, faculty, and staff. 



Goal Priority 4.4 – Provide the infrastructure to support diversity.                      

Objective 4.4.1 – Require training for departments for best practices to support University established guidelines on diversity as it relates to personnel recruitment and retention.

Objective 4.4.2 – Develop a plan that addresses access/infrastructure for students with diverse needs, such as gender neutral bathrooms.

Objective 4.4.3 –Provide incentives for departments to collaborate on diversity initiatives.

Objective 4.4.4 –Develop a comprehensive system of accountability and assessment that will quantify University’s performance in relation to the specified diversity goals.


  1. Review, affirm, and, or revise the campus definition of diversity that transmits shared responsibility and individual accountability through the establishment of a full-time office or position with units that report inclusivity progress.
  1. Review, assess, and document existing resources including personnel, budget, and programs currently supporting diversity initiatives and underserved populations.
  1. Assess and Identify critical gaps and unmet needs in order to enhance and support campus diversity opportunities.



Goal Priority 4.5 – Develop a campus-wide Diversity Plan.

 Objective 4.5.1 – Develop a campus-wide diversity plan that is articulated in all university policies and procedures.

Objective 4.5.2 – Define diversity as a core value to the university’s mission.

Objective 4.5.3 –Strengthen the collection of data about diverse populations and share with the university’s administration in order to reassess making decisions on resources.


  1. Establish annual action items and measureable outcomes to support the university’s Strategic goals and objectives tied to diversity.
  1. Develop a communication strategy to widely share the Diversity Plan and progress toward identified goals and objectives
  1. Incorporate diversity goals from Institutional Effectiveness Plans developed by campus departments into the Diversity Plan as appropriate.