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Committee Members

Faculty Members

Shani Collins Woods, Faculty Representative, CoBHS, 2021-2022

Erik Haroldson, Faculty Representative, CoSTEM, 2019-2022, Chairperson

Charmaine Lowe, Faculty Representative, CoE, 2020-2023

Cynthia McWilliams, Faculty Representative, CoAL, 2021-2022

Dennis Pearson, Faculty Representative, CoB, 2019-2022

Michael Hooper, Faculty Representative, Library, 2021-2024


Administration and Staff Members

Marissa Chandler, Director of International Education, 2020-2022

Amy Corlew, Director of Admissions, 2020-2022

Fonda Fields, Director of Human Resources, 2020-2022

Jamie McCrary, Director of Student Disability Resource Center, 2020-2022


Student Members

Janelle Anderson, Student Representative, 2021-2022

Xavier Vincent, Student Representative, 2021-2022


Ex-Officio Members

Yanaraliz Barnes, Coordinator for Hispanic Cultural Center

Sheila Bryant, Director of EO/AA, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, ADA Coordinator

Maria Cronley, Provost/SVPAA

Jimmie Garland, Community Member, NAACP

Ashley Kautz, Coordinator of Adult, Nontraditional and Transfer Student Center

Jasmin Linares, Coordinator for Military Student Center

Donna Price, Director of Financial Aid

Miguel Ruiz-Aviles, Faculty Director of Latino Cultural Center

Harold Wallace III, Director of the African American Cultural Center

LaNeeça Williams, Chief Diversity Officer & Title IX Coordinator


Past Chairperson

Marcus Hayes, Faculty Representative, CoAL, Term Expired 2021