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Committee Members

Faculty Members

Amanda Patrick, Faculty Representative, CoBHS, 2023-2024

Allen Chaparadza, Faculty Representative, CoSTEM, 2023-2025

Charles H. Gonzalez, Faculty Representative, CoE, 2023-2025

Mickey Wadia, Faculty Representative, CoAL, 2023-2025

Susan Cockrell, Faculty Representative, CoB, 2022-2024

Michael Hooper, Faculty Representative, Library, 2022-2024


Administration and Staff Members

Rashad Cockrell, Director, African American Cultural Center, 2023-2024

Lindsy Perry, Coordinator, Greek Life, 2023-2024

Monice Ntatin, Parking Assistant, Staff Senate Representative, 2023-2024

Jose Mendoza, VEB Counselor, State Senate Representative, 2023-2024


Student Members

Rylie Morris, Student Representative, 2023-2024

Kayode Ogunsusi, Student Representative, 2023-2024


Ex-Officio Members

Michelle Lowe, City of Clarksville, DEI Officer

LaNeeça Williams, Chief of Institutional Culture & Title IX Coordinator--Permanent Chair


Past Chairperson's

Marcus Hayes, Faculty Representative, CoAL, Term Expired 2021

Eric Haroldson, Faculty Representative, CoSTEM, Term Expired 2022

Fonda Fields, Human Resources, Staff Representative, Term Expired 2023