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Launch Your Career in Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp at Austin Peay State University powered by ThriveDX is an accelerated training program designed to successfully prepare people with little or no background in IT for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity – one of the most in-demand technology fields. 

Developed around military training methodologies and hands-on learning, the program focuses on the key skills sought by employers. The Bootcamp prepares students not only with technical knowledge, but also with the best practical cybersecurity skills to help them excel in the tech job market.

Bootcamp Benefits

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Brochure

Why Cybersecurity?

According to NIST, there are approximately 600,000 job openings in cybersecurity in the US alone, and demand in this field is only expected to increase.* With plentiful opportunities and competitive compensation, an accelerated Cybersecurity Bootcamp is the best way to gain the necessary skills to fill these positions.

What cybersecurity roles can I pursue after the Bootcamp? 

This Bootcamp will prepare you to start your career in cybersecurity with entry-level jobs such as: 

Our Bootcamp Includes

The Bootcamp was developed under the principle of “everything you need to know, and only what you need to know.” Our accelerated learning methodology and streamlined curriculum focus on teaching you the specific skills to hit the ground running in the cyber industry. 

To ensure you get to practice what you learn, we have developed over 100 unique real-world labs. Technical skills, frameworks, and tools are taught through hands-on exercises in a safe virtual environment. 

ThriveDX is an official partner of CertNexus and is aligned with NIST-NICE, providing graduates with the opportunity to pursue industry-standard cybersecurity certifications to further their professional development. 

Our Bootcamp is delivered through our online platform, and our flexible schedule allows students to learn concepts at their own pace. Our program leverages the latest modern learning technologies including microlearning, gamification, on-demand videos and hands-on exercises ensuring an effective learning experience. 

Essential soft-skills training, from teamwork to interview prep, is embedded throughout the program. Upon graduation, you will also connect to a global alumni network and community. 

Ongoing access to ThriveDX’s online learning platform after graduation, including continuous learning and content updates covering emerging cyber threats and tools.

Bootcamp Format 

Self-directed, 6 months: Our Bootcamp is delivered on a digital platform, allowing students to learn at their own pace, according to their own schedule. We incorporate cutting-edge learning strategies such as microlearning, gamification, on-demand videos, and hands-on exercises to deliver a compelling learning experience. Moreover, our students are continually supported by asynchronous facilitator guidance, further tailoring the educational process to individual needs. $11,995

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