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Parenting Classes for Divorce with Certificate

Get your Parenting Class certificate immediately when you enroll and complete our Court Ordered Parenting Class today. For a one time fee, you'll get instant access to everything you need to earn your Nationally Recognized Parenting Class Certificate today. You may start the course immediately, complete as much or as little as you like at each sitting and log on and off as often as you like.

APSU Parent Educational Seminar

This is the course you need to take

When parents break up in the State of Tennessee, Title 36 Domestic Relations requires both parents to complete a course like ours. We've helped over half a million people get their required certificate- and helped them learn new ways to work through a difficult time of their lives- let us help you benefit from our decades of experience helping people just like you.

We Promise:

  • NO hidden fees
  • Easy learning material
  • Guaranteed court acceptance
  • No test required
  • Stop and Start as needed
  • Download and Print your certificate instantly at no extra cost
  • We're here to help if you need us-- toll free-- so go ahead and Enroll Now.

Parenting & Divorce now EVIDENCE BASED …
Setting it apart from the competition

The Parenting & Divorce curriculum – it is now EVIDENCE BASED.  This designation sets Parenting & Divorce’s curriculum apart from all other courses because it’s proven to be effective in changing the dynamics of the parent-child relationship after a separation or divorce.  Most divorce education curriculum is written from research on the topics of child growth and development, effects of parental alienation or feelings of loss/fear and anger, results of poor communication, etc.  The missing component of research based is does it work?   The answer to this question is unknown until studied using actual people who complete a course and incorporating the recommended changes in the family.  A course that is evidence based is important to you, the parents and your children.  It’s important because you know the course has been proven effective, and that simplifies the decision-making process.  Have confidence that when you enroll in this Parenting & Divorce, you’ve selected a course that is known to be helpful and effective.