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American Sign Language

Learn the basics of conversational-level American Sign Language through a 7 week immersion course. We will be working out of Signing Naturally books, where we will interact and participate in skill-building activities and projects that make learning ASL both fun and rewarding. Come and create lifelong friendships and beneficial linguistic skills!

Please watch this space for scheduling information about future ASL classes.


American Sign Language - Beginners I

Dive into basic conversational signing as you build vocabulary. Learn basic ASL grammar, deaf culture, alphabet, numbers 0-66, and basic signer's perspective skills.





American Sign Language - Beginners II

Prerequisite: either completion of Beginners I or basic knowledge of ASL grammar, deaf culture, alphabet/fingerspelling, numbers 0-66, and basic signers perspective skills. Beginners II is a continuation of Beginners I. Build your basic skills in conversational signing, vocabulary, knowledge of ASL grammar, and learn numbers 67-100. Learn basics on how to translate from English to ASL and about classifiers. Books are not required but encouraged. The workbooks help students practice from home and view a variety of deaf signers on the DVD provided, which will help build perceptive skills. Signing Naturally Units 1-6, 2008. ISBN-10 1581212100




       American Sign Language - Intermediate 1

Our intermediate classes continue immersion conversational signing, and dives more in depth about ASL grammar such as classifiers, spatial reasoning, agreement verbs, role shifting, etc. We will also continue learning about Deaf Culture. This class also focuses on receptive skills (being able to read signs) and introduces translating from English grammar to ASL grammar.



 Video provided by Clarksville Now!


Location:  Austin Peay State University,
McReynolds Building Room 219A