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Internship Opportunities

 Stephen at NPT

Austin Peay’s Communication Department prepares students for a number of growing and engaging careers. Students can learn and practice effective oral, writing and technical skills useful in careers in broadcasting, journalism, public relations and corporate communication.  Students can pursue internships in a wide variety of fields to better prepare for their future. The purpose of internships allow students to have practical experience, see how organizations function, explore possible employment opportunities and observe current practices in various workplaces. 

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Internship opportunities 

Below are organizations that regularly accept our students into their internship programs. 

  • Fortera Credit Union gives students marketing experience. 
  • NPT provides students with broadcasting experience. 
  • Fox 17 regularly has available internships.
  • United Way of Clarksville is a local non-profit that gives students a wide range of opportunities. 
  • Bridgestone Arena regularly accepts students for Marketing and PR internships. 
  • Clarksville Park and Rec will give students the opportunity work with event planners gaining skills with marketing, professional writing, effective communication skills and more. Please contact the coordinator at (931) 645-7476 if you are interested in an internship. 

Outside of these companies, there are a wide variety of business that students can work with in the Clarksville and Nashville area like medical centers, non-profits, media outlets, school systems, and government agencies. Also, check out Jobs4Govs! Career Services regularly updates internship postings in the area! 

Additional information about the course

Students completing an internship for credit must enroll in COMM 4900.The course provides 3 hours of upper-level credit. Prior to pursuing an internship, students must have taken several upper-division courses within their major concentration. Students are required to complete an internship that is related to their field of study.  The required amount of work students must complete during their internship is a minimum of 135 hours at the field site. Some internships require additional hours. The number of hours will be defined and agreed upon by the intern and their supervisor prior to beginning the internship. All students are required to submit all completed materials prior to the last day of classes. The work can be submitted via D2L, email, or in Professor Heuston's mailbox in MMC 165. Students who wish to complete an internship for credit should fill out the application. The application will ensure that the student is qualified to complete an internship. 

Required materials to be completed:

Supervisor Evaluation

Student Self-Evaluation

Internship Journal and Timesheet

Timesheet Signature

Intern Evaluation Paper

Examples of work completed during field work