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As an APSU student, a majority of your time is spent OUTSIDE of the classroom. Make it count by joining one of our student organizations or clubs, taking part in a service opportunity or attending a special program or event.

The SLE office is dedicated to serving students. We are conveniently located on the main level of the Morgan University Center. Visit us to answer any questions or help you get involved on campus....or just stop by to hang out!

May Student Leader of the Month

Kayce Albright


Kayce served as the president of the radiologic technology honors society, Lambda Nu, during the 2014-2015 academic year. She had a schedule of meetings for the entire year emailed to all members at the start of the school year. She is constantly emailing, texting, updating members on upcoming events for community service, fundraising, SLE events, and events around the area. She always takes the time to listen to everyone's concerns, ideas, just like a true leader should. Kayce coordinates with the program director to keep him and the student member body involved and up to date on things. She is a true leader and has earned recognition. She has led the organization into a service orientated mission by writing and promoting new amendments for the organization. It has taken many years to get the organization moving in this direction.

This year, there has been 100% organization involvement in all service related activities. In the organization she leads roughly 40 strong willed and motivated students, which can be daunting. She is also responsible for taking two programs, which normally do not communicate, and create a team atmosphere. She also has the task of joining junior and senior students. This is difficult being that the senior class has already formed a family type relationship and she must unite a tightly bound group to the new group of junior students. Kayce takes all opinions into consideration and brings them to the meetings to be discussed. She is always well prepared for meetings and always has a positive outlook on the organization even if there is conflict. I can say she is a breath of fresh air when conflicts occur. In her tenure the organization has helped a cancer diagnosed child’s family financially, hosted a food drive, volunteer with the MS society at the MS walk, and participated and donated candy for ghost. Kayce has also served as a mentor for getting the Rad Tech Club ready to apply for organization recognition. She is now planning to mentor the incoming group of leaders so they can be prepared to lead the organization for another successful service oriented year. Kayce has been a liaison for leadership in the classroom for the last 2 years. She has established a great relationship with the Radiologic Technology board member president. She has planned fundraisers for the program which paid for the 2014 pinning ceremony. This semester she is leading the class for graduation decisions. Radiologic Technology graduation/pinning is a formal process and many details. She has been in charge of delegating responsibilities such as class pictures, student awards, and faculty awards. She is also putting together a class presentation to show at the graduation. She has also taken the responsibility of creating the presentation for Radiation Therapy as well. Kayce is not only a leader but an inspiration and example. The program is not easy and adding these extra responsibilities can be overwhelming for even the brightest student. Kayce has been humble and leads with a smile. She is well respected and deserving of this recognition.