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Welcome to Student Life and Engagement

We're all about students. Period.

As an APSU student, a majority of your time is spent OUTSIDE of the classroom. Make it count by joining one of our student organizations or clubs, taking part in a service opportunity or attending a special program or event.

The SLE office is dedicated to serving students. We are conveniently located on the main level of the Morgan University Center. Visit us to answer any questions or help you get involved on campus....or just stop by to hang out!

April Student Leader of the Month: Geff Beaudin!

"Wow, Geff is such an includer and a healer. I cannot tell you how often Geff is involved in mediating conflict, both within his student organization and at the center. He has a natural talent for empathizing with students and creates a calming effect when he is between two people who disagree. This kind of leadership is just invaluable to adult learners and veterans. Examples: Geff volunteers very quickly to step up as Vice President of The Non-Traditional Student Society. The President of the organization has had many problems at home and is caring for elderly parents. Some members have been frustrated by the lack of communication, and whenever things hit a boiling point, Geff jumps in to relieve the pressure from the President, without standing against the president. He is a natural political frame leader. Another example is his leadership for Adult Cafe. From his first meeting this semester, Geff had a very difficult student. Not only was he inappropriate at meetings, he was despondent and negative. Geff was concerned enough to spend time with this student in addition to his Adult Cafe duties, and made sure to keep me apprised of this student's dark mood. Geff goes above and beyond because he genuinely cares about student success and the experience at Austin Peay." **Nominated by: Martha Harper