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Languages and Literature

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Languages and Literature

About the Department


The Department of Languages and Literature promotes the value of language learning, good writing, critical thinking, and an informed appreciation of literature to our students, the university, and the community. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching, creative and scholarly achievement, and professional service that supports the language arts through lectures, readings, publications, translations, and related activities. We strive to produce literate men and women who understand the importance of language and literature in the history of humanity and who practice effective language use in their daily lives.


Faculty & Programs of Study

One of the largest departments at the university, the Department of Languages and Literature offers students small classes and a diverse, experienced faculty including many award-winning teachers.

The Department provides composition, world literature, and foreign language classes for all students as components of the general education core curriculum. The Department also offers majors in English and Foreign Languages, and minors in English, Creative Writing, English Writing, Film Studies, Linguistics, Professional Writing, French, German, Greek, Latin, Classical Languages, Classical Civilization, and Spanish. At the graduate level, we offer a Master of Arts in English and graduate courses in Spanish for a master's degree in Education.


Our faculty and students also participate in a number of related programs including African- American Studies, Honors, International Studies, Women's Studies, several study-abroad and exchange programs, and the Center of Excellence in the Creative Arts. The Department and the Center of Excellence regularly bring to campus major literary figures as lecturers, readers, and writers-in-residence. Distinguished visitors have included Maxine Kumin, Galway Kinnell, Gwendolyn Brooks, Richard Wilbur, Allen Ginsberg, Carolyn Forche, David Bradley, and Gary Snyder. Through the Center, the creative writing program also publishes a distinguished literary journal, Zone 3.


The Learning Environment

The Department is located in Harned Hall, the oldest building on campus, which in 1988 was saved from the wrecking ball by a concerted effort of faculty, students, and townspeople. Formerly a women's dormitory, Harned was converted into a state-of-the-art showpiece brimming with the newest technologies. Students in languages and literature classes have the advantage of modern computer facilities with network and Internet service as well as current software programs for writing, foreign language study, and desktop publishing. All Harned classrooms are equipped with "smart" technology for multimedia presentations.

English Major
*Sample Four Year Plan

First Year Fall Semester
First Year Spring Semester
APSU 1000-Transition to the University 1 ENGL 1020-English Composition II 3
ENGL 1010-English Composition I 3 HIST Core 3
COMM 1010-Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 Foreign Language 1020 4
Foreign Language 1010 4 Humanities and/or Fine Arts Core 3
MATH Core 3 Behavioral and Social Sciences Core 3
Second Year Fall Semester
Second Year Spring Semester
ENGL 2030-Traditions in World Literature 3 Foreign Language 2020 3
Natural Sciences w/ lab Core 4 Behavioral and Social Sciences Core 3
HIST Core 3 ENGL 3150-Shakespeare 3
ENGL 1100-Technical & Report Writing 3 Natural Sciences w/ lab Core 4
Foreign Language 2010 3 ENGL 3010-American Literature I 3
Third Year Fall Semester
Third Year Spring Semester
Social and Behavioral Sciences Core 3 Humanities and/or Fine Arts Core 3
ENGL 3100-British Literature I 3 ENGL 3130-British Literature II 3
ENGL 3020-American Literature II 3 Advanced Writing Course (Choose 1 from Group 1) 3
Linguistics (Choose 1 from Group 2) 3 Upper Division Literature Course 3
Minor Course 3 Minor Course 3
Fourth Year Fall Semester
Fourth Year Spring Semester
Upper Division Multicultural or Diversity Literature Course (Group 3) 3 Upper Division Literature Course 3
Upper Division Literature Course 3 Minor Course 3
Minor Course 3 Minor Course 3
Minor Course 3 General Elective 3
General Elective 3 General Elective 1
    Total Student Credit Hours for Degree 120


Group 1: Advanced Writing (Choose 1)
ENGL 3200 – Expository Writing
ENGL 3210 – Writing Fiction
ENGL 3220 – Writing Poetry
ENGL 3230 - Writing Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 3500 – Advanced Technical Writing
ENGL 3510 – Technical Report Writing
ENGL 3600 – Professional Writing and Editing
ENGL 3700 – Business Writing
ENGL 4200 – Writing Workshop: Expository Writing
ENGL 4210 – Writing Workshop: Fiction
ENGL 4220 – Writing Workshop: Poetry

Group 2: Linguistics (Choose One)
LING 4010 – History and Etymology
LING 4020 – History of American English
LING 4050 – English Grammar and Usage
LING 4040 – Structure and Dialects
Or other Advisor Approved LING course

Group 3 – Diversity Course:
340B - Native American Literature
340D - Mythology and Folklore 
340F - Women Writers: Topics in Women's Literature
340G - Critical Studies: African-American Literature
340H - African Writers
340M - U.S. Latino/a Literature
340N - LGBTQ Literature Across Cultures
340P - Topics in World Literature
340S - Literature of the English Bible
340W - Critical Studies in Women's Literature
360H - Literature and Film Across Culture

BA checklist: BachelorArtsEnglish.pdf

BS checklist: BachelorScienceEnglish.pdf

*For this degree a student must complete a total of 39 upper division (3000-4999) credit hours. 
A minor is required for this program

What Do Languages and Literature Majors Do After Graduation?

Department of Languages and Literature majors go on to pursue many different paths:

  • Author
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Communication Expert
  • Editor
  • Linguist
  • Professor
  • Jobs in Publishing
  • Researcher
  • Technical Writer
  • Many employers benefit from:

    Excellent Communcation Skills

    Critical and Analyctical Thinking Expertise

    Data Interpretation
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Archaeologist 
  • Opportunities in global job markets
  • International educators
  • Diplomatic Representative
  • Many careers that would factor in:

    A cultivated and open mind

    Superb Language Skills

    Cultural Immersion