Application Procedures
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Application Procedures

Documents required for admission: 

                    GPA + (0.15 x GRE [Verbal]) > 23.5
                    GPA + (0.15 x GRE [Quant]) > 23.5
                    GRE Analytical Writing Score of at least 3.5. 

Applicants must submit two sets of application materials: one to the College of Graduate Studies, and one to the Graduate Coordinator of the English program at

The Graduate Coordinator will accept unofficial copies of GRE scores and transcripts. 

Under "Non-Degree Seeking" status, an applicant may be granted conditional admission status if he or she submits unofficial documents for review and meets the criteria for regular admission. The Graduate Bulletin offers a full explanation of requirements for "Non-Degree Seeking" status.

Non-degree seeking students and students from other graduate programs who would like to enroll in graduate-level courses must request the permission of the department.  The graduate program in English is not required to allow non-degree seeking students or graduate students pursuing degrees in other graduate programs at Austin Peay State University to enroll in graduate seminars. 

Austin Peay State University’s Department of Languages and Literature reserves the right to deny admissions to prospective graduate students on the basis of their academic performance, professional qualifications, and personal conduct.