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Faculty & Staff Directory 

Members of the faculty have the depth and breadth of preparation and experience to offer students a full, well-balanced curriculum.

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Regular Faculty and Staff

Wes Atkinson
Assistant Professor
Email: atkinsonr@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7215
Office: Harned Hall, Rm 103

Ph.D. (Lehigh University)
19th-C American Literature, Early American Literature, Native American Literature


Jonathan Beasley
Email: beasleyj@apsu.edu
Office: Claxton, Room 302-C

MA in English, Austin Peay State University


Neeta Bhasin
Assistant Professor
email: bhasinn@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7870
Office: Harned Hall, Room 139

Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University)
Rhetoric and Composition, Discourse Analysis, Language and Culture, Immigrant Literature


Beatrix Brockman
Associate Professor
email: brockmanb@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7847
Office: Harned Hall, Room 236

Ph.D. German (Vanderbilt)
M.A. English (Austin Peay State University)
German  Literature


Thomas Call

Assistant Professor
Email: callt@apsu.edu
Office: Harned Hall, Room 206
Phone: 221-7281

Ph.D. (UT Knoxville; 2005)


Mercy Cannon
Associate Professor
Email:  cannonm@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7893
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 225

Ph.D. (U. Of Tennessee, Knoxville)
18th Century British Literature


Kenneth Cervelli
Assistant Professor
Email:  cervellik@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7864
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 235

Ph.D. (Southern Illinois)
British Romanticism, Literature and The Environment


Sherry Clark
Email: clarkso@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 538-9660
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 139

M.A. in English (Austin Peay State University)


Linda Crenshaw
Email: crenshawl@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7119
Office: Harned Hall, Room 128

Ph.D. (Vanderbilt)
American Literature, Southern Writers.

 Jessica D'Alimonte Staff Pic

Jessica D'Alimonte
Academic Assistant to the Chair
Email: dalimontej@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7890

BA in English, Austin Peay State University
MLIS, University of Tennessee - Knoxville


Osvaldo Di Paolo Harrison
Associate Professor
E-mail: dipaoloo@apsu.edu
Phone: 931-2217487
Office: Harned Hall, Room 216

Ph.D. (University of Kentucky)
19th, 20th, and 21st century Latin American Literature


No photo available

Stephanie Dugger
Assistant Professor
Email: duggers@apsu.edu
Phone: 221-7894
Office: Memorial Health, Room 112C

Ph.D. (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)



Jill Eichhorn
Associate Professor
Email:  eichhornje@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-6314
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 143

Ph.D. (Miami of Ohio).
American Literature, Women's Studies, Coordinator of Women's Studies.


Taylor Emery
Master Instructor
Email:  emeryt@apsu.edu
Phone:  931-221-1453
Office:  FC Education Center, APSU FC 117

M.A. (Austin Peay)
Composition, World Literature


Jill Franks

Email:  franksj@apsu.edu
Phone:  931-221-7879
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 131

Ph.D.  (Rutgers University)
British & Irish literature, Film Studies


Reggie Forest
Assistant Professor
Email: forestr@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-6041
office: Memorial Health, Room 112D

Ph.D. English
University of New England (Australian Higher Ed) 


Dwonna Goldstone
Email:  goldstoned@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7886
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 140

Ph.D. (Texas).
African American and African Literature.


Barbara Lee Gray
Senior Instructor
Email: grayb@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-6239
Office: Claxton, Room 302D

Master of Arts in English (Austin Peay State University)


David Guest
Associate Professor/Chair
Email:  guestd@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7860
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 116

Ph.D. (Vanderbilt)
Literary Criticism and Theory, American Literature


Katherine Honea
Assistant Professor
E-mail:  honeak@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7117
Office: Harned Hall, Room 223

Ph.D. (University of Florida)
Spanish (Hispanic Linguistics)


No photo available

Jenifer Jayne Jackson
Senior Instructor - E-Faculty
Email: jacksonjj@apsu.edu

M.A. in English




Stephen Kershner
Assistant Professor, Classics
Email: kershners@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-6828
Office: Harned Hal, Room 241 

Ph.D. (SUNY Buffalo)
Latin Literature, Roman Social History, Literary History


Barry Kitterman
Email:  kittermanb@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7878
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 219

MFA (Montana)
Creative Writing, Center of Excellence in Creative Arts Representative.



Christophe Konkobo
Associate Professor
Email:  konkoboc@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7596
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 213

Ph.D. (University of Iowa)
Francophone Literature and Film




Christina Lyons
Assistant Professor
E-mail: lyonsc@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221- 7885
Office: Harned Hall, Room 141

Ph.D. in English and Curriculum and Instruction / Reading and Language Arts (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germersheim, Germany)


Pamela Roddy Magrans
Senior Instructor
Email: magransp@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7861
Office: Harned Hall, Room 244

M.A. in English


No photo available

David Major
Email:  majord@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7927
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 228

Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University)
Technical Writing


No photo available

Cynthia McWilliams
Associate Professor
Email:  mcwilliamsc@apsu.edu
Phone: (931) 221-7874
Office: Harned Hall, Room 232

Ph.D. (Southern Illinois)
Composition and Rhetoric, Linguistics, Chair of Freshmen Writing


Norbert Puszkar
Email:  puszkarn@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-6391
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 218

Ph.D. (Southern California)
German Literature and History


Miguel R. Ruiz-Aviles
Email:  ruizavilesm@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7855
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 104

Ph.D. (Nebraska).
Spanish Literature and History.    
Director of the Hispanic Cultural  Center, Coordinator of the Study Abroad Program Spain.


Steven Ryan
Email:  ryans@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7871
Office: Harned Hall, Room 221

Ph.D. (Utah).
Fiction, American Literature, Southern Writers.


Laura Schultz
Spanish Instructor
Email:  schultzl@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7594
Office: Harned Hall, Room 105

M.A. (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
Spanish, Spanish-English Translation


Daniel P. Shea
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
Email:  shead@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7895
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 230

Ph.D. University of Oregon
British Victorian


 Kristi Sheppard Staff Pic

Kristi Sheppard
Academic Assistant to the Chair
Email: sheppardk@apsu.edu 
Phone : (931) 221-7891
Office: Harned Hall, Room 115

BBA, Austin Peay State University


Marisa Sikes
Assistant Professor
Email:  sikesm@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7212
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 234

Ph.D. University of New Mexico
British Medieval


Lynn Sims
Associate Professor
Email:  simsl@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7339
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 220

Ph.D. Arizona State University
History of the English Language


Karen D. Sorenson
Email:  sorensonk@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-6246
Office: Harned Hall, Room 142

Ph.D. (Vanderbilt)
French Literature and History


Andrea Spofford
Associate Professor
Email: spofforda@apsu.edu
Phone: 221-7869
Office: Harned Hall, Room 118

Ph.D. (The University of Southern Mississippi)
Creative Writing, Poetry



No photo available

Lynda Stephenson
Assistant Professor- E-Faculty
Email: stephensonl@apsu.edu

MFA University of New Orleans/Creative Writing
MA Texas Tech University
American Literature/Communications


Mickey Wadia
Email:  wadiam@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7448
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 227

Ph.D. (Southwestern Louisiana)
Shakespeare, Technical Writing


Jane Wessel Photo

Jane Wessel
Assistant Professor
Email: wesselj@apsu.edu
Phone: 221-7283
Office: Harned Hall, Room 204

Ph.D. (University of Delaware)
British Drama, 18th Century British Literature and Theatre History


No photo available

Charla White-Major
Associate Professor
Email:  majorc@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7133
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 212

Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University)
19th Century American Lit. Composition


Mary E. Winters
Senior Instructor
Email:    wintersm@apsu.edu
Office:  Harned Hall, Room 241
Phone: (931) 221-6828

Master of Arts from Ohio State University


Timothy Winters
Email:  winterst@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7118
Office:  Harned Hall, Rm 212

Ph.D. (Ohio State)
Classical Languages and Literature


Amy Wright
Email: wrighta@apsu.edu
Phone:  (931) 221-7714
Office:  Harned Hall, Rm 215

Ph.D. (Denver).
Creative Writing Non-Fiction




Emeritus Faculty

Thayer W. Beach, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1968-1991).

Albert Bekus, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1970-2004).

Eleanor Beiswenger, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1977-1994).

James Clemmer, M.A.  Professor of English (1967-2004).

Don W. Der, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1970-1991).

Malcolm S. Glass, M.A.  Professor of English (1962-1999).

Nancy Hancock, D.A.  Professor of English (1988-2004).

Charles C. Holt, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1967-1991).

Edward Eugene Irwin, Professor of English (1962-1998).

Lewis C. Tatham, Jr., Ph.D.  Professor of English (1966-1995).

David Till, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1971-2004).

John Turner, M.A. Assistant Professor of English (1967-2000).

Charles M. Waters, M.A. Professor of English (1948-1985)

Allene Phy-Olsen, Ph.D.  Professor of English (1990-2007).                                 

 Ramon Magrans, Ph.D  Professor of Spanish (1982-2009).

Jeannie Randall, Ph.D. Professor of English (1982-2014)

Carson Culley-Grefe, Ph.D. Professor of French (2003-2013)

Eloise WeatherspoonProfessor of English (2005-2014)

Linda Davis, Ed.D., Professor of English (2003-2017)