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The 2016-2017 issue of the Red Mud Review is now available. The editors would like to thank all the writers and artists who submitted their work this year.






This issue's content is available below.

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Editors' Note

Poetry - Bridget Yates "Pear Tree" and "Some Afternoon in Smalltown, USA"

Poetry - Chloe Hooks "Background Noise" and "Dirty Picket Fence"

Poetry - Adrian Sanders "Peach"

Poetry - Alina Stefanescu "Bankhead at Midnight"

Poetry - Jeanna Padan "Of Earth"

Poetry - Abby Lewis "Snakes and Stones"

Poetry - Peter Hogan "Dandelion"

Poetry - Talia Green "Orange Crayon" and "From a Growing Garden in April"

Non-Fiction - Kelsey Adams "Ghost in the Walls"

Fiction - Nicole Sadek "The Holy City"

Contributors' Bios