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Red Mud Review 2011 - 2012


Red Mud Review 2011-2012



Table of Contents

Journal Information

Prose, Ficton - Geordan Goldtrap's The Smiling Man
Prose, Fiction - Derick GIll's His Majesty
Prose, Fiction - Mark Harrison's The Antihero of Little Babylon
Prose, Fiction - Andrew Robinson's Therapy on a Sunny Day
Prose, Fiction - William Woosley's Reunions

Personal Narrative - Summer Croyell's The Outline
Personal Narrative - Anne Herndon's John
Personal Narrative - Kalin Kilgore's Super Sunday
Personal Narrative - Jiyeong Kim's A Life in the Field
Personal Narrative - Michael Stoddard's Metal Oranges

Essay - L.J. Bowling's Maybe Clowns are Just Grumpy Old Men
Essay - Grant Brashear's Pretty Pink Flamingos
Essay - Quenton Brooks' Messianics in Israel

Poetry - Stephanie Bailey's I had a Dream
Poetry - L.J. Bowling's Somewhere Else
Poetry - Cidnie Sydney-Brewington's the coopers
Poetry - Quenton Brooks' Mishkan
Poetry - Cara Carroll's Hope for a Snow Frosted Heart
Poetry - Cara Carroll's Heartsblood
Poetry - Cara Carroll's The Sun and the Moon
Poetry - Tiffany Corner's A Poem for my Love
Poetry - Laura Galbreath's Catholicism
Poetry - Laura Galbreath's Mask
Poetry - Laura Galbreath's Suburbia
Poetry - Laura Galbreath's Treachery
Poetry - Joshua Haynes' A Drowning Solipist
Poetry - Johsua Haynes' 
Poetry - Brian Kjelvik's Gone But Not Forgotten
Poetry - Brian Kjelvik's My Piece of Paradise

Poetry - Brain Kjelvik's When we are Apart
Poetry - Marian Casserly Murray's Dido's Dilemma
Poetry - Daniel Pitts' Dottle
Poetry - Daniel Pitts' The Razor
Poetry - Daniel Pitts' When My Exile is Ended
Poetry - Reagan Richter's Warrior
Poetry - Andrew Robinson's Fact
Poetry - Andrew Robinson's Response to Poet of the Shadows
Poetry - Conor Scruton's Frequency
Poetry - Conor Scruton's Kiln
Poetry - Devona Walker's Black Power
Poetry - Renee Williams' Dance of Arora
Poetry - Renee Williams' Song of Night
Poetry - Carol Lyn Wolf's Angel
Poetry - Carol Lyn Wolf's Buried Inside

Art - Cara Carroll's Untitled
Art - Gabrielle Bomar's Italy
Art - Carissa Breton's Untitled
Art - Tiffany Comer's Solemn Tragedy
Art - Cara Carroll's Human Conveyor
Art - Melanie Hilderbrandt's Magnolia