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APSU joined the international V-Day movement in February 2002 with its first two performances of Eve Ensler's play, "The Vagina Monologues." The play is produced as one service learning component for WGS 3060: Vagina Monologues. Topics for the course include domestic violence, representation of women in the media and art, sexual objectification of women, the social construction of the veil, women in prison, the construction of sexual and gender identity, LGBTQ perspectives, childbirth, race and sexuality in national and international contexts. Guest speakers and local activists present material and lead discussions. Additionally, students organize and display The Clothesline Project in the Clement lobby in conjunction with producing the play.  

Since 2002, APSU VDAY productions have raised more than $20,000 that has been donated to the Sexual Assault Center, Legal Aid of Middle Tennessee, and Urban Ministries Safehouse. The Women's and Gender StudiesMinor is committed to producing the play every year, as the V-Day campaign urges, "Until the violence stops."

V-Day performances 2021

Virtual performances will be offered in March.  Join the movement to represent women's and non-binary gender identities fully.  Experience human representations without sexual objectification. 

Look for plans for V-Day's newest project "Voices," a dramatic representation of black women's experiences in Fall 2021.