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Women's and
Gender Studies

Students at the kickoff for Women's Empowerment Week 2022

The Women’s and Gender Studies Minor offers interdisciplinary training for examining the complex questions and practices related to women and gender.

A minor with a major impact.

Learn the language, history,  and strategies to advocate for social justice in your communities---in the home, schools, and the workplace face to face and online.  Develop as writers, speakers, and critical thinkers to navigate analyses that address gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, class, and physical and mental abilities in personal, local, national, and international contexts. 

The Women’s and Gender Studies Minor offers interdisciplinary training for examining the complex questions and practices related to women and gender.  Students have opportunities to engage in research, creative work and internships as well as campus and community activities. Students are empowered with the knowledge, skills and resources about issues in the area of social justice locally, nationally, and internationally. A minor is available for students who wish to gain these strengths and enlighten their degree path.

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Why choose a humanities degree at Austin Peay? 

We believe that to be human is to engage with and understand culture. As majors in the College of Arts & Letters students are able to customize their education, develop mentoring relationships with faculty, and learn cornerstone skills that extend beyond the classroom.  


The First Step is the Hardest

The study of the humanities can seem intangible, like there’s no clear path to employment. Rest assured that the skills you learn in your classes are more than applicable to the “real world.” By providing students with hands-on learning opportunities including internships, study abroad classes, study-away courses, and service learning classes, we empower students to develop these seemingly intangible skills into real-life applications.

Cast of the Vagina Monologues 2022
2022 Cast for Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.” APSU students and alumni performed the show and raised $830 to be donated to Legal Aid of Middle Tennessee and Mathew Walker Health Clinic Sexual Assault Services.
Sara Grey
Sara M. Grey
Mathematics, WGS minor

My minor in WGS will undoubtedly improve my ability to develop equitable, inclusive lessons and reach a greater diversity of students.
Tyra Hammond
Tyra Hammond
Sociology major, WGST & AAST minor

When I found the WGS Department, I found faces that looked like mine, stories that sounded like mine, and ones that didn't; I also found my voice.
Kat Lutz
Kat Lutz
Psychology, WGS minor

As a student leader, I have encouraged my students to take these courses, even if it's just to fill an elective. You never know when one class will change your outlook on the world you thought you knew.