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2021-2022 Student Season

APSU Theatre & Dance prides itself on being responsive to student requests and giving students every chance to hone their craft in performance. Several years ago, we were approached by students asking for more performance and production opportunities. In the past five years, we have responded. At APSU, students have the opportunity to take part in the Jackson Alley Film Festival, the Student Fringe, the 24 Hour Play Festival, and Capstone performances.

The Student Fringe events are two evenings (one each semester) that allow students to pitch, direct, and/or create their own work. 

The 24 Hour Play Festival is a collaboration between the Playwriting and Directing classes that takes place every spring. The playwriting students write new ten minute plays for the Directing students to helm. The day before the festival, we spend the night in the theatre and run rehearsals and tech all night for the shows the next day.

Capstone Projects are required of every graduating BA and BFA student. BFA's may elect to perform a "one person show" with the help of a small cast or direct a short piece. These shows are a great opportunity to get on stage and be seen by your fellow performers.

Student Season Fall 2021