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Child Development Associate Credential (CDA)


What is a CDA?

How TECTA Supports the CDA Process

Getting Started



What is a CDA?

A Child Development Associate is an individual who has successfully completed the assessment process and has been awarded the CDA Credential.  CDA's are able to meet the needs of children, work with parents and other adults to nurture children's physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth in a child development framework.                                           

How does TECTA support the CDA candidate?

The Council for Professional Recognition is the grantor of the CDA Credential.  TECTA assists students in the process of attaining their credential through tuition assistance, coaching and Verification Visit support. 

TECTA provides tuition assistance and loaned books for students to take four early childhood education courses that fulfill the training requirement.

TECTA also provides the candidate with a CDA Competency Standards Book, Professional Portfolio support, Assignment of a Professional Development Specialist, application assistance and a $425 application scholarship.

Are you ready to begin?

Step 1: The first step is to complete a TECTA Orientation.

Step 2:  Attend a Tuition Assistance meeting to learn more about the CDA process and procedures for tuition assistance. 

Step 3: As you finish your coursework you will be placed in a CDA workgroup to complete your portfolio. 

CDA Workgroups

TECTA staff will work with all students to ensure you are placed in a group that coincides with your coursework completion. The list of workgroups below is provided to allow students the opportunity to plan ahead.  

Workgroups meet from 6PM-8PM at the APSU TECTA Office

August 29, Sept 5, Sept 12, Sept 19, Sept 26

Make Up dates:

October 3, 6-8PM or Oct 10 anytime from 8-4:30 PM

Anticipated CDA Completion: Nov/Dec 2024

Check back after August 15 for schedule.


CDA Renewals

Don't let your CDA lapse!  Renewing your CDA shows current and potential employers that you are passionate about the work you do and that you are committed to the continuous learning process.  

TECTA may be able to pay your renewal fee (pending fund availability). 

Renewal requirements :

If you meet the criteria above, please download our CDA renewal packet and submit to tecta@apsu.edu or fax to 931-221-7300.