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Child Development Associate Credential


What is a CDA?

A Child Development Associate is an individual who has successfully completed the assessment process and has been awarded the CDA Credential.  CDA's are able to meet the needs of children, work with parents and other adults to nurture children's physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth in a child development framework.                                           

How does TECTA support the CDA candidate?

TECTA provides tuition assistance and loaned books for students to take four early childhood education courses that fulfill the training requirement. The four courses are:

TECTA also provides the candidate with a CDA Competency Standards Book, Professional Portfolio support, Assignment of a Professional Development Specialist, application assistance and a $425 application scholarship.

Does TECTA issue the CDA Credential?

The Council for Professional Recognition is the granter of the CDA Credential.  TECTA assists students in the process of attaining their credential through tuition assistance, coaching and Verification Visit support. The Council's website is www.cdacouncil.org

For more information regarding the CDA credential, contact Leah McMahon at (931) 221-7309.

Are you ready to begin?

Step 1: The first step is to complete a TECTA Orientation.  (Visit our Orientation Page for more info.)  

Step 2:  Call our office at 931-221-7585 to register for one of the Tuition Assistance Orientations based upon the college of your choice, see below.


Tuition Assistance Orientations for Spring 2022

TA information meetings:
Oct 28, 12-130 PM
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Nov 9, 12-130 PM
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Nov 16, 6-730 PM
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