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Professional Development


What is Professional Development

Tennessee Professional Archive of Learning (TNPAL)

Tennessee Childcare Online Training System (TCCOTS)

Learning Opportunities


Professional development should be an essential component of your career growth and planning. As with your other life goals, it is recommended that you develop a personalized action plan to help you chart a pathway to success.

When thinking about your career goals, ask yourself these questions:

• How can I improve or strengthen my work performance?
• What are the key areas I want or need to develop to remain skilled in my profession?
• What are the skills and knowledge I will need in the future?

While important, we know that career planning can be overwhelming.  Contact us if you'd like assistance with developing a professional development plan using the TNPAL system.


Professional Development Resources

Tennessee Professional Archive of Learning (TNPAL) is the official system of record for qualifications, training, and professional development for child care providers licensed by the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) effective January 01, 2022. This free resource is designed to better support professional development and empower early childhood professionals who work in TDHS-licensed child care agencies by collecting and preserving completed trainings, accomplishments, credentials, education, certifications, and awards. TNPAL also directly supports verification of these records by directors and TDHS for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Tennessee Child Care Online Training System (TCCOTS) is a free online learning management system developed and funded through a contract with the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) and Tennessee State University, Center of Excellence for Learning Sciences, and ProSolutions Training.

TCCOTS offers free online training recognized by the TDHS for early childhood educators and supports high-quality child care services in Tennessee. TDHS is committed to promoting high-quality early childhood environments that are safe, healthy, and educationally rich.