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The All State Photography Equipment Check-out/Check-in Form

Are you checking out or checking in photography equipment?*
Student Publications will provide staff members with the equipment needed to do their job. None of this equipment should be used for personal use, nor removed from the physical confines of The Department office — unless it is approved for a job that specifically requires use of the organization’s equipment outside the physical facility. All equipment should be checked out and singed back in once completed via the process established by the photo editor and adviser. All equipment will be returned within 24 business hours of the covered assignment. Staff members who would like to use Student Publications equipment for personal use (such as to take photos of a friend) or for professional use outside the student publication (such as freelancing for a news organization or business) must request permission from the editor-in-chief and adviser. Using Student Publications’ equipment also always comes with the responsibility to pay for repairs, replacements and other costs associated with the equipment. Refusing to pay these costs may result in the termination of a staff member. A hold may be placed on a student’s account with the University for the costs he or she incurred while using the equipment. *
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All camera kits MUST be checked in/checked out by the adviser or Student Publications assistant.
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