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Pillar 2: The Student Experience

Goal 1:

APSU will afford each student the opportunity to have interactions and experiences by cultivating an inclusive community.

Objective 1: Support all student populations through a variety of resources, programming, and spaces.
Objective 2: Foster meaningful opportunities and experiences for student engagement and exploration.
Objective 3: Provide more dynamic programs and events that celebrate and unite our diverse community and instill a sense of belonging for all Governors.

Goal 2:

APSU will ensure that all students are equipped to pursue their educational and career goals in an empowering environment.

Objective 1: Develop, implement and track a robust strategic enrollment plan to support higher education initiatives including the Tennessee Drive to 55.
Objective 2: Strengthen University collaboration to foster awareness of and access to student support resources.
Objective 3: Increase the number of students academically engaged beyond the classroom.
Objective 4: Improve the quality, consistency, and accessibility of our student support resources.
Objective 5: Actively engage students to become self-advocates for their educational and career goals.