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2021-2022 University Planning Process and Information

The first meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee was held August 24th, 2021 in UC 103A. Meetings are bi-weekly throughout 2021-2022. 

During fall, we examined our Mission, Vision, and Values with the goal and completed the revision by the first part of November.  The revision was presented to the APSU Board of Trustees in December and adopted. The process provided an opportunity for APSU to explore our Why (Why do we exist?)envision our What (What will we become?), and enact our How (How will we do it?).

Spring semester will bring the Strategic Planning Committee back together to align our strategic plan with the revised mission and vision and to refining our pillars, goals, and tactics. Committee members and subcommittees will work together to complete assessments, gather feedback, and define our Wildly Important Goals (WIGs). The process should be completed by May 2022 in anticipation of presenting the refined strategic plan to the APSU Board of Trustees in June 2022.

All campus members will be given opportunities throughout the process to provide feedback through surveys and open forums.

In July, a call for nominations or volunteers was shared with the University community. There were over fifty nominations/volunteers for the Strategic Planning Committee. The committee composition is comprised of key roles in the institution with nominees/volunteers selected that met the role and had the largest number of votes. An alternate member was selected for each role in case the first individual selected chose not to serve. Nominees and volunteers who were not selected will be asked to serve in sub-committees throughout the process. Ex-Officio representatives provide support to the committee and advisement when requested.

2021-2022 Strategic Planning Committee




Dr. Prentice Chandler (COE)


Dr. Marsha Lyle-Gonga (Political Science)

Faculty Senate

Dr. Jane Semler (President)

Staff Senate

Jerica Swiger (President)


Kito Aruh (President)


Jordan Harmon (Associate Athletic Director-External Operations)

Enrollment/Student Success

Dr. Nancy KingSanders (Vice Provost for Student Achievement)

Student Affairs

Victor Felts (Associate Dean of Students/Director, SLE)


Tom Hutchins (Executive Director, Physical Plant)


Dr. Lorneth Peters (Director TNSBDC)


Dr. Kristine Nakutis (Executive Director Ft. Campbell Center)

Advancement/Alumni Relations

Nikki Peterson (Director Alumni Relations)



Ex-Officio Members


Senior Leadership Team


LaNeeça Williams (CDO)


Dr. Andrew Luna (DSIR)


Dr. Tucker Brown (Interim Senior Vice Provost and AVP)


Process Advisory—Dr. Sheri Prosser (COE) and Dr. William Rayburn (LOA)


Sub-Committees (Pulled from Volunteer List)


Bill Persinger (PR & Marketing)


For questions about the process or to provide any feedback, please contact Kathrine Bailey, Ed.D. at baileyk@apsu.edu or use the feedback form: Feedback