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Pillar 4: The Community Experience

Goal 1:

APSU will develop and enhance mutually beneficial community partnerships.

Objective 1: Create partnerships and engage with businesses, local government, donors, and alumni.
Objective 2: Connect the university with corporate advisers, increase prospects for new revenues and expand experiential learning opportunities for students.
Objective 3: Develop a sustainable model that links service learning courses, service opportunities, internships, and volunteer efforts to community organizations.

Goal 2:

APSU will increase community involvement by offering robust and unique programming.

Objective 1: Increase community engagement experiences for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Objective 2: Provide and promote experiences that connect our community with Austin Peay.
Objective 3: Promote and expand formalized relationships with government, education, business, industry, and non-profit entities.
Objective 4: Increase support to Fort Campbell and other military-related communities through innovative programming and research partnerships.
Objective 5: Maintain a successful NCAA Division 1 Athletics program that strengthens campus and community involvement.

Goal 3:

APSU will create a Gov-for-Life atmosphere that promotes sustained student and alumni engagement.

Objective 1: Expand regional and global networks and mentoring opportunities for our students and alumni.
Objective 2: Strengthen our alumni engagement and participation.