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Academic Scholarship Retention Information

Freshman Academic Scholarship Retention Information:


GPA for Retention

Service Hours

Maximum Semesters



Howell C. Smith

Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 by the end of your second semester and for every semester thereafter




3.0 cumulative each semester, beginning at the end of the second semester



Luther Tippit

3.0 cumulative each semester



Presidents Emerging Leaders Program (PELP)

3.5 cumulative GPA

Refer to the PELP Guidelines



Refer to the Honors Program Guidelines



All students should enroll and maintain full-time status (Min. 12 hours per semester) to retain these scholarships.

Service Hours:

Students whose scholarships have service hour requirements should complete all their hours.  By mid-semester they should have completed 37.5 hours.  In the event the student does not complete all 75 required hours, the scholarship will be terminated.

Incoming students will receive their placement information through their AP email account prior to the start of the fall semester.  This email will provide the contact information for the department supervisor to which they have been assigned and will prompt the student to complete the required online scholarship contract. Students should report to their assigned work areas on the first day of classes. An unsatisfactory work evaluation will result in cancellation of the scholarship(s) and possible reimbursement to the university.

Continuing students will remain in the departments they were originally placed in throughout the duration of their scholarship.  A student may request to transfer to another department at the end of the semester if he or she is dissatsified with the current placement.  Requests are made to the Scholarship Coordinator in the Office of Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs. Efforts will be made to allow transfer to the requested department; however, they may be assigned to any department needing assistance.


Normally a student is not able to appeal the loss of one of the above scholarships until after one semester/term. If extenuating circumstances exist, an appeal may be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs before the lapse of one semester/term.

For questions and comments regarding scholarships, please contact us through APSUScholarships@apsu.edu.