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Key/Card Access Request Procedure

Prior to submission of request, please read & familiarize yourself with

APSU Policy 4:007 Access to and Security of Facilities

Instructions to Complete "Key/Card Access Request Form":

  1. Please complete “Key Holder Information
    1. This is the information of the individual needing a key(s)/access
  2. Please complete “Access Details
    1. Make sure to denote whether a “Physical Key” or “Govs Card Credential(s)” are needed.
    2. If both are needed, one completed request is accepted.
  3. Requestor Information
    1. Complete this section if you are an Office Manager, Supervisor, or other APSU Employee making this key/card request on the Key Holder’s behalf
  4. Approvals” (It is the responsibility of the requestor to gather required signatures.)
    1. Office/Classroom/Designated Area key(s)/access require Key Holder’s Dean/Director/Dept. Chair signature/approval.
    2. Building Master Key requires Vice President’s signature/approval.
    3. Grand Master Key requires President’s or VP for Finance and Administration’s signature/approval.
  5. Once complete, return to APSU Physical Plant “key-shop” PO Box 4696 or email to key-shop@apsu.edu

Once all approvals are complete, normal Key-Shop flow is 24-48 hours to complete request.

 “Key/Card Access Request & Agreement”

Pick-Up of Requested Physical Key(s)

Requestor & Key Holder will be notified via email when keys are available for pick-up.

A picture ID of Key Holder is required at time of pick-up.

When key(s) are picked up, two signatures are required:

A fee of $10.00 per key is charged for replacement of a lost key(s).

* Key(s) not picked up within 90 days will require a new request submission.

For assistance please contact Physical Plant via email Key-Shop@apsu.edu or telephone 931-221-7456