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Physical Plant Services

General Policies


Basic Maintenance Services

Basic maintenance services may be requested by placing a work request using the Work Request System. All requests requiring action by Physical Plant will be assigned work order numbers to allow future reference and follow-up. All requests will be acknowledged with an email upon assignment and completion.

The basic services provided by Physical Plant without charge or preconditions are to:


Services NOT PROVIDED by Physical Plant**


Billable Services/Charge Back Policy

The Physical Plant department's goal is to maximize productivity under the basic maintenance services category. It is however, important to note that the Physical Plant budget is developed in order to cover basic maintenance alone.

Office or building modifications, upgrades and renovations must be funded through alternate funding sources. Work orders for alteration of an office or building are considered special request or additional projects and will be referred back to the Director or Department Head of the area requesting the work with an estimate of the funds necessary to complete the work. NOTE: These types of request must be submitted by purchase requisition and have the Director or Department Chair and Vice President Signature for work to be considered.

Consideration will be given to minor special requests without charge back. Work required in conjunction with relocation's mandated by the Administration will be exempted from the charge back policy.  NOTE:  For all NON-MANDATED work, the cost of relocation of furniture in and out of the space to accommodate a renovation should be part of the contract with the engaged contractor. If contractor does not include installation within the specification, funds should be set aside to reimburse Physical Plant for the cost of labor.

Campus emergencies will take priority over any projects being conducted regardless of their status or at the time being performed.

Time and Material Charge Based Services: