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Printing a Research Poster

OSRI is pleased to provide this service to the APSU student community! Prints for conference presentations, organized on-campus displays of research and creative activities, and directed summer activities can be printed FREE OF CHARGE with a letter of support (emailed to osri@apsu.edu) from a faculty member describing the need for the printed material, a description of the public display, and permission for OSRI to display the research or creative activity on our webpage or social media accounts.


You are student and have a research poster or creative activity that needs to be printed for display at a conference or on-campus event


Faculty, and those not eligible for free printing can purchase a full color 3' x 4' poster (or other 12sqft dimension) for $20

Poster Template

What do I need to do?

Contact OSRI (osri@apsu.edu, 221-7625) to schedule an appointment to print your poster.  Come to Miller 227 with your poster on a flash drive and your paid receipt.  MS PowerPoint files are welcome; please note, the poster should be one full page not a collection of individual slides. 

You may wish you purchase a mailing tube to transport your poster to/from your event. OSRI has poster tubes available for loan only to students with projects funded through our office. 

ATTENTION: Students printing for the Research and Creativity Forum.  Please schedule your printing appointment early!  We cannot guarantee availability but will do our best to accomodate demand.