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Tennessee Public Records Requests

Any Tennessee resident may request to inspect or obtain copies of records made or received pursuant to law or in connection with the transaction of official university business. Because university records are not centralized, record requests are handled by the Office of Legal Affairs, which acts as the university public records request coordinator. 

Except for records made confidential by law, public records will be open for inspection during business hours (8-4:30).  Requests to inspect records in person may be made in writing or verbally.  Requests for copies of records must be made in writing.  Requests and inquiries concerning requests may be submitted to openrecords@apsu.edu.  

Persons requesting to inspect or obtain copies of records should be prepared to provide proof of Tennessee residency with a government-issued photo identification card including the person's address (i.e., driver's license, voter's registration, etc.).  A form is available for use by requestors to request inspection or duplication of records: