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Leadership Science Major

The Leadership Science major may be right for you if you are interested in one or more of the following:


Earning a Bachelor’s degree to prepare for an administrative or leadership role in an organization and/or enrollment in a graduate degree program.

Our degree prepares students for a wide variety of positions and graduate programs.  The curriculum is offered online, and is designed to promote critical thinking skills, leadership skills, and effective writing and communication skills. 


Applying previously earned college credit toward a Bachelor’s degree.

If you have earned an Associate’s degree, or have taken college courses in the past, but never graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, contact us to determine which credits you can transfer into the program.  We provide a positive learning environment for students in all phases of their lives and careers as they complete coursework online. 


Pursuing a double-major to complement another discipline.

Our program can provide students seeking a double-major with skills that complement many other disciplines.  Since all courses in the major can be completed online, students can create a schedule that fits their individual needs.