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The Leadership Science program allows students to explore the science and practice of leadership, and equips current and future leaders with skills that are transferrable to the workplace and beyond.  No matter what your major, the Leadership Science Program will help you prepare to take on leadership roles after graduation and during your time at Austin Peay. You can earn a minor in Leadership Science, or take leadership courses as electives. All courses are offered online.

The program offers both individual courses and an 18-hour minor that bring together theory, research, and practice for students who wish to complement their major with the study of leadership.  Students must complete 18 hours overall and a minimum of 12 hours of LDSP prefix courses to earn a minor in Leadership Science. 

Leadership Science Core: 3 Credit Hours

 Complete the following three (3) hours:

Discipline-Specific Electives or Additional Leadership Science Electives: 6 Credit Hours:

Complete an additional six (6) hours from the LDSP courses listed immediately above, six (6) hours from the non-LDSP courses listed immediately below, or six (6) hours from a combination of LDSP courses not already completed and non-LDSP courses. Students in majors that do not require a minor may be permitted to double-count up to six hours of non-LDSP courses toward both their major and their minor. Check with your major advisor. For students in majors that do require a minor, check with your major advisor to see if double-counting is permitted.

Required 3 hour course: