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Health Requirements

Immunization Requirements

It is a State of Tennessee requirement that all new full-time, first-time, readmitting and graduate students attending the university provide:

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Certificate of immunization form

First time students must also complete a Health History form concerning meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B.

All of these documents are required at the time of registration. It is strongly encouraged that the student submit these documents with the initial application whenever possible. Failure to submit this documentation may result in denial of admission or termination of student status.

Insurance Requirement

To enroll in the university international student insurance policy, use this website:

International Student Insurance-APSU

International Student Insurance-APSU Athletes

There is a deadline to enroll in the university insurance plan. The typical deadlines are:

You may also purchase insurance on your own separately but it should provide the same coverage, including "medical evacuation and repatriation" coverage should you need to return to your country.

APSU Boyd Health Services

All students may utilize the APSU Health Services facilities for immunizations and other health care related needs.

APSU Boyd Health Services