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Govs ID Card Policies

The undersigned, herein referred to as “Cardholder,” hereby opens a Govs Card Account, herein referred to as “Account” and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions set forth herein. The Account will be administered by the Govs ID Card Center, Division of Finance and Administration, Austin Peay State University, located in the Morgan University Center, Room 207, Clarksville, Tennessee, 37044.  (Policy Definitions)

    1. The Account is a record of pre-deposited funds accessed by the Cardholder for the purpose of purchasing products and services.
    2. There is no daily limit on the number of purchases that may be made and debited; however, no debits or charges shall exceed the amount of deposited funds.
    3. No interest shall be paid on any balance in the Account.
    4. The Cardholder understands and agrees that the Account shall not be used as a credit card or to obtain cash advances.
    5. The Cardholder understands and agrees that the Account is nontransferable.
    6. The Account will be activated automatically upon deposit of money onto the card. Deposits may be made as follows; (1) in person at the cashier window, Business Office, Browning Building, with cash, check, money order, or credit card; (2) by mail with a check, money order, or credit card; (3) by FAX with credit card, if signature of cardholder is affixed. (All deposits received in the Business Office by noon will be credited to the Account by 6 a.m. the following business day.); or (4) by cash deposited in the VTS (Value Transfer Station) located in the Library on the main floor.
    7. After initial activation, additional deposits may be made at any time in the amount of One U.S. dollars (US $1.00) or more.
  2. FEES
    There are no charges assessed to the Cardholder for any transaction(s); however, if a check presented for deposit to the Account, is returned due to insufficient funds, the Account will be assessed a $20.00 fee. The Cardholder’s Account will be deactivated until sufficient funds are deposited by the Cardholder. If the cardholder account remains deactivated, the balance will be transferred to the cardholder’s student account.
    The mechanism for accessing the Cardholder’s Account shall be the Govs Card, herein referred to as “Card.” The Cardholder must present his/her Card at the time of use in order to purchase products or services.
    1. The Card is the property of Austin Peay State University and is nontransferable.
    2. The Card may be confiscated from the Cardholder as a result of inappropriate or illegal use.
    1. A lost or stolen Card must be reported immediately in person at the Govs ID Card Center or by telephone at (931) 221-6617, during the business hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. After business hours, contact the Austin Peay Public Safety at (931) 221-7786, and then report in person to the Govs ID Card Center on the following business day.
    2. A charge of $20.00 (twenty dollars) will be imposed for each replacement card. (Name changes must be updated in the Registrar’s Office.)
    Merchandise may be returned for credit in accordance with the refund policy in effect at the place of purchase of the product(s) or service(s). Any refund(s) shall be credited to the Cardholder’s Account; no cash refund(s) will be made for any purchase made with the Card.
    1. The Account will be closed if the Cardholder ceases to be a student or employee of Austin Peay State University. Should the Cardholder be a visitor to Austin Peay State University, the Account will be closed at such time when the Cardholder’s visit is completed. A refund may be applied for at the Govs ID Card Center by completing a Refund Request Form. For a student, Austin Peay State University will issue a check for the balance on the account and mail to the current address on file or the address provided on the Refund Request Form. For an employee or visitor, Austin Peay State University will mail a check, for the balance on the account and mail to the address indicated on the Refund Request Form.  (Revised:  February 4, 2002)
    2. The Govs ID Card Center reserves the right to close any Account that is inactive for twelve (12) months or more.
    If the point of sale terminal is equipped to provide a receipt, the Cardholder will either receive a receipt as a matter of course or upon request. It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure that the receipt is correct. A statement of account activity will be generated on a quarterly basis upon request. For a student, the statement will be placed in the Cardholder’s campus post office box. For an employee, the statement will be sent to the Cardholder via interoffice mail. A visitor may request an activity statement to be generated at the Govs ID Card Center. (Revised: February 4, 2002).
    1. If there is an error on a receipt or activity statement, or if the Cardholder would like more information about a specific transaction, the Govs ID Card Center may be contacted by telephone at (931) 221-6617 or by mail within sixty (60) days of noticing the error. In the event of verbal notification, the Govs ID Card Center may require that the Cardholder submit a written notification within ten (10) business days.
    2. When making a request for an adjustment to the Account, the Cardholder must furnish the following information; (1) the Cardholder’s name and Account number; (2) a description of the transaction in question and explanation of the discrepancy; (3) the dollar amount of the transaction in question; and (4) date of the transaction.
    3. The Govs ID Card Center will investigate the Cardholder’s request and provide a written report to the Cardholder within (10) business days. If an error is found, the Govs ID Card Center will make the necessary adjustments to the Cardholder’s Account. If no error is found, the Govs ID Card Center will provide the Cardholder with a written explanation within (3) business days of the conclusion of the investigation. The Cardholder may request copies of the document(s) used to conduct the investigation.
    Information about the Cardholder’s Account will be disclosed to third parties only for the following reasons; (1) in order to complete a transaction; (2) in order to comply with a government agency or court order; (3) in conjunction with all other cardholder accounts in the aggregate but not specific in regard to any individual’s account; or (4) with Cardholder’s written permission.
    This Agreement is posted on the Govs ID Card Center's web page.  The terms and conditions of this Agreement are effective and remain binding until the Cardholder is otherwise notified. If any changes are made to the terms and conditions, the Govs ID Card Center will post changes on the web page at least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the effective date. Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in terms and conditions is necessary to maintain or restore the security of the Account.   (Revised: February 4, 2002)
    This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Tennessee.

Policy Definitions