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Earth and Environmental Sciences Minors


Geography Minor

The Geography Minor is an important addition to many majors at APSU, in particular, to Agriculture, Biology, Education, Geology, Marketing, Economy, Social, Political and International Studies. It can be tailored to many students interests, including: soil science, biogeography, climatology, environmental analysis, demography and population dynamics, socio-economic development, international business, urban planning geographic information systems, and remote sensing.

Course requirements

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GIS Minor

The GIS Minor incorporates dynamic changes in current advances in spatial sciences and technology. The students that complete GIS Minor enhance significantly their employment opportunities especially in environmental consultation agencies, mapping technology industry and surveying. The GIS Minor pertains to any natural resource fields such as Geology and Biology as well as social studies and business. A GIS Minor combined with a computer science major is currently one of the most employable fields in geospatial analysis.

 Course requirements

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Geology Minor

The Geology Minor augments those students majoring in physics, chemistry, biology and computer science who are focused on applying their disciplines to the environment. Direct applications include ground-water contamination and remediation (chemistry), environmental modeling (computer science), solid earth geophysics (earthquakes and earthquake engineering, physics) and the physical environmental context of plants and animals (biology).

Course Requirements

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Water Resources Management Minor

The Minor in Water Resources Management (WRM) prepares students for addressing current problems with surface and subsurface water quantity and quality. Coupled with current advances in geospatial mapping sciences and technology, the minor provides a level of specialization at the undergraduate level that enables Earth and Environmental Sciences students to make valuable contributions to hydrological investigation and remediation. Students that complete the minor significantly enhance their employment opportunities, especially with environmental consulting agencies and governmental regulating agencies, as well as research in university graduate programs. The minor has applications to environmental protection and natural resources fields such as Agriculture, Biology, Geology, and Engineering.

Course Requirements

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