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Geology Lab

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers a Bachelors of Science with concentrations in Geography and Geology. These concentrations prepare students to work in a diverse field of specialties such as Geological Sciences, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Sciences, Global Environment and Development.

In addition, we also offer minors in Geography, Geology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Water Resources Management. Select the concentration below to learn more.

Geography Concentration

Geology Concentration

Earth and Environmental Sciences Minors

Kurtis Eisenhuth
Kurtis Eisenhuth ('18)

While sitting in Physical Geography during my first semester, I learned of the geographic information systems (GIS) concentration – this ultimately determined the next 7 years of both my academic and professional careers.
Molly Jordan
Molly Jordan ('17)

After changing my degree path multiple times, I found my path forward through Geography and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). I quickly became very passionate about these topics and Austin Peay, the experiences, the courses, and faculty helped me to cultivate that passion and prepare me for my career field.
Skylar Clemons
Skylar Clemons ('21)

At the beginning of this journey, I felt unsure of myself and had no clue what I wanted to do after graduation. I had always associated Geography with memorizing places on a map, but the department allowed me to see how diverse and exciting the area of geography and other Earth sciences could be.
Photo of Jennifer McLean 2019 Alumus
Jennifer McLean ('19)

I consider my undergraduate geology experience as one of the most memorable endeavors of my lifetime. The wide array of exciting courses, professor subject-matter passion, and the intimate feeling of small class sizes are perks that you’ll find nowhere else.
Photo of Mark Lees 2019 graduate
Mark Lees ('19)

During my three and a half years spent in this program, I can confidently state that being prepared for the real-world is an understatement. Whether one is starting a professional career or continuing in academia, joining this program is the right choice for either option. The faculty are the most kind, helpful, and intelligent people who all want the students to succeed.

Student Opportunities

From scholarships and awards to internships and the GeoClub, Earth and Environmental Science Majors have many opportunities to enrich their Austin Peay Experience while obtaining a degree that can help them land a meaningful job in an area of their interest. Check out the links below to see opportunities our students can take advantage of. 

Student Research


Summer Jobs and Internship Opportunities


Geography Awards

Geology Awards


Earth and Environmental Sciences student outside recording data
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