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Student Opportunities

Geology Field Camp

The department faculty strongly recommend that students in the geology program select the Field Geology course (GEOL 4990) as an elective. This course is a six-week summer course that can be taken at most any university in the world and your credit and grade for the class will transfer to APSU. The course (and university) you select must be approved by your advisor.

Students who take a field course will learn the technical aspects of field mapping, stratigraphic interpretation, and structural analysis as well as the preparation of maps, stratigraphic charts, geologic cross-sections, and reports. It is a junior to senior level capstone course that directly applies a student's classroom knowledge to real world problems. Students should complete classes in Structural Geology and Stratigraphy and Sedimentation before taking the field course.

Field Geology is recommended for students going on to graduate school and who plan to gain employment in areas where knowledge of field identification of earth materials and geologic structures is critical. Many students who have completed the course have regarded the experience as "the most important geology class they have ever had".

If you need more information concerning selecting an appropriate field course, contact Dr. Deibert.



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