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APSU ADA Parking Permit

All vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit for their assigned parking zone.  One is eligible for an APSU ADA parking permit if they have a valid state issued ADA placard or state issued disability license plate.  One will need to present their photo ID, state placard registration and/or their state issued vehicle registration to the Parking Office.  The state issued documents should be issued to the individual obtaining the ADA parking permit. ADA permits are authorized to park in all color zones.

These documents may be submitted in person at the Parking Office or via email.

ADA Parking Permit

Parking and Transportation

Please review the Austin Peay Parking Regulations here:

Parking Regulations

One must pull forward into a parking stall while parked on campus.  This will allow for the parking enforcement software to properly work. One has the option to purchase an APSU front license plate which will allow individuals to back in if they choose.